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More than 200 studies have found that women initiate at least as much violence against their male partners as vice versa. The main study, which surveyed 11,000 men and women, found that, according to both men’s and women’s accounts, 50 percent of the violence in their relationships was reciprocal (involving both parties). In those cases, the women were more likely to have been the first to strike. Moreover, when the violence was one-sided, both women and men said women were the perpetrators about 70 percent of the time.

Now that we've established both genders are just as likely to be victims of domestic abuse, here comes the punchline: 94% of the total convicted for such offences were male (2008-2009)

WTF? This is a fucking joke.


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Long held gender stereotypes dictate that men are strong/aggressive and women are weak/vulnerable.


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It's probably related to the level of damage inflicted. Women kill their partners at a way lower rate.


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I'd be interested to see a study done on this. Don't know if it'll ever be done though, pretty hard to get funding for something like that with the fervor that Women's rights have kicked up I would think.