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is she afraid China may not agree with the appointments ? Feinstein tell us all about China and your Chinese Spy. amazing her silence and that of the fake news MSM on that matter.

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Thank goodness for this 9th Circuit Judge !! Regarding War and China....on Tucker Carlson, this past Friday evening, he had a former CIA agent who spoke eloquently about 'the Left's constant push of falsehoods, lies and hoaxes'. Both he and Tucker agreed at how dangerous this is for our country if we get into a war. Well, the CIA operative responded, 'Tucker, we are already in a War ! A Covert War with China.' He went further, and Tucker did not look entirely shocked. But the CIA agent said that we would end up in a 'Physical War with China.' It will happen. I think this is the reality check for everyone, as we have been set up by infiltration and indoctrination by Communists disguised as harmless Progressives. (What a joke.) Think about how the LEFT redefines, or misconstrues what a word or legal phrase means so it fits their narrative and agenda which is to DESTROY! It is crazy...and that is exactly their tactic. The RINOS are also agents of the unpatriotic move to transform our country to a nuthouse. POTUS took advantage of the public distractions to make the 9th circuit judge complete. It was Smart !! We are winning again...but need to buckle down and make more happen, and especially at the border, folks. I can tell you that things are pretty scary. Was less than 1/2 mile from the border yesterday, there is no wall but cropland and desert. Border Patrol are being spread apart in impossible odds. Was told that the a couple of the main border crossings will be closed tomorrow or this week. Stories were exchanged at how illegals have hijacked, threatened people in their homes or preyed upon for money, their purses in broad daylight while walking. It is Dangerous !! I wish POTUS could make some call in order to have our Military troops stationed at the border. It is bad !! The News will not Cover these Stories of what the Residents or Part time Residents are experiencing. Everyone is on edge and they are scared. It is hard to watch elderly family and friends who have never been in this kind of situation. Not Good ! We are not safe... Pray for us...ThankQ.

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Great read! Thanks @mslibertyrider ! WWG1WGA

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China won't have to fire a shot. There are multitudes of Chinese women having babies in CA and claiming birthright citizenship. When those "Americans" turn 16 (if Dems have it their way) they will vote however China tells them to vote.

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Thank you for sharing this post with us Patriot, pray you and all those there remain safe, I read reports the Cartel are threatening our citizens. this is a declaration of war and that Border needs to be shut down completely now. unfortunately we have the enemies seated in Congress and the Fake News MSM and Hollyweird, and thy connect with the BH Clowns. we will be praying for all.

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From Above: "Well, the CIA operative responded, 'Tucker, we are already in a War ! A Covert War with China.' He went further, and Tucker did not look entirely shocked. But the CIA agent said that we would end up in a 'Physical War with China.' It will happen."

Interesting thesis. Could happen, but I believe China will attempt to reclaim lands that Russia took from China first. Not entirely convinced yet that a ground war with China is feasible. They either have to come here or we have to go there. Taking back Russian seized territory may give China and its multi-million man army a 'land bridge' through Alaska, but the logistics of moving, feeding and sustaining that size of force over long distances is a significant problem.

A 'stand off' war [air / naval war] benefits no one. Only ground forces win wars. Hopefully the Chinese are just stealing Trojan Horse secrets these days.

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Exactly! The msm media will either not report or will scream "hand-picked' in unison like they report of Barr since the Mueller report summary. "Hand-picked" and well-done by Trump team and his rising son! I've never been a cheerleader, but I'm over here with my pom-poms like "USA! USA! USA!"

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Patriot, they always pull this stunt, when they can not dazzle with brilliance they all attempt to baffle with BS.

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Trump don't need the permission from a fucking treasonous tyrant piece of shit PIG that had a Chinese spy as a driver for decades selling out our country under her watchful eye

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This one totally made my day, Grinning ear to ear !

Fuck DF ! no matter who Trump picks they wont approve.. So just get the game rolling without their crap ahead of time.

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And might this tell us something like... maybe she's no longer relevant. Hoping so.

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Oh shit, This crushed her self important ego ! LOL

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We're going to consult the magic noose before dangling Feinstein off a bridge.

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We dont consult with the enemy

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Who gives a RATS ASS what fuckin Feinstein wants...Shes goin to Gitmo anyway.... and thats what they should tell her.

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Too bad D.

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Hopefully soon we will be pushing her on to the gallows for treason.

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