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I trust the plan. We're fighting a multi-century war. What's new is we know we're in a multi-century war.

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POTUS using 17 literally all the time is really all the proof you need. McCain death announcement to the literal MINUTE is one of, if not the, biggest Q proof to date.

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My voat got you to 17 points up for this. No coincidences.

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This ^

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Thank you for sharing this. It is very similar to what I have been thinking and makes perfect sense. Is it possible that the congressmen/Senators that are resigning/not running took deals (sing and announce not running/resign) and the ones that refused to sing/announce are in the sealed indictments? One of the reasons they are fighting so hard to resist/sabotage DJT? If they win back House/Senate, they can bury everything and life goes on. Taking an all or nothing approach? They are absolutely evil and ruthless at this point.

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I think the ones that have been offered a deal, and refused had to decide which they feared most. The Deep State reaction to them flipping, or rolling the dice in court... (killing one's family is a lot worse than Gitmo, if you have any conscience at all)

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They have no consciences. Their ego and quest for power and control overrides all else.

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Makes perfect sense

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It is unconscionable that after winning the Midterms, they simply sweep all of the child trafficking, organ harvest and abuse under the rug. If Q/Potus is reading this...Why take the risk of losing in the Midterms?

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I don't think losing the Mid-terms is a risk anymore. Kavanaugh debacle took care of that.

I know they'll make more desperate attempts with FF's or trying to crash the markets, but I think we've got this covered.

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Remember there was also a plan to use Force had Trump lost. They won't take the chance, I think the redactions will start things rolling before that. I think the stuff that will hit first will shut everyone up. Or at least very few will be caring about what they have to say.

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I think there will be an October surprise of some sort to bring down a few of the dem candidates

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Nice work. But I fear the whole "easing the normies into it" will remove the much needed "shock to the system" effect we need to truly reset our society back onto the correct path. Too soft, too gradual, and it will just usher in a new establishment, with new deals, but with the same mindset to "not bother the normies with things they can't understand".

We NEED to see Hillary and her co-conspirators hang. Or it will be business as usual going forward, just with a different set of power players and a more palette friendly presentation (conservative traditionalism sweet-talking the normies to gain consent rather than "progressive" socialism guilt tripping them into compliance).

Sometimes you need a "happening" to mark important historical turning points in the public psyche. Too slow and most people won't even notice important transitional moments (the central mechanism of the boiling frog concept). That's why (((they))) pull shit like 9-11 to shift the zeitgeist hard into their corner. If 50 thousand faceless assholes that nobody never even knew existed are quietly fired, maybe a few jailed, the average person isn't going to register that anything "real" happened. Just that everything went conservative as part of some natural cycle. That PC Culture "took a break". Not that a truly dangerous and subversive force was pushed back at the 11th hour.

We won't kill the Marxist plague, or really shift our society out of it's sleepwalking/slow-boiling frog state without a paradigm shifting public cleansing to wake people up on the cellular level. To give them a clear cut-off point i8n the timeline that can be pointed to as a warning for when things may start going off the rails again in future, and to make them hyper-aware and ready to respond to early signs that a subversive attack on the West is starting all over again. Something that has to be stage managed in such a way that it becomes an important educational tool in all future schooling of our children, like The French Revolution or the Civil War. Otherwise, nothing will be learned and noting will change.

Sometimes, you gotta freak the normies the fuck out.

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I'm really against the death penalty--always have been--mostly because not every person accused of a crime has equal access to justice. But, in this instance, I have to say I agree. I REALLY AGREE. It has been my belief since Trump won the election that we need to see this mafioso cast of characters tried and convicted in order for our country to heal. In fact, I would argue that it is critical. Because the children have been so poorly educated and also indoctrinated, they have no idea of civil rights, civics, a government's job, the threat of tyranny etc. I also believe it is time that the real truth behind the Sept. 11th attacks is dealt with. That event and the subsequent Patriot Act has destroyed our country. We need to get rid of Bill and Hillary, of all political Foundations, all NGOs, super pacs and all the other crap that is stealing our country out from under us. Treason must be a crime that we try in the courts. Period.

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I was iffy on the death penalty too till I did a bible study this summer which correlated it. I was shocked it was in the Bible. Anyway, these pedos and treasonous people are not worthy to keep on living and ruining our country and the world.

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I agree totally. I'd say high-level arrests are going to shock everyone. Even me. That said I will rec over quickly and MEME THE FUCK EVERYWHERE !!

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@Gorillion I agree 1000%.

If we leave the really evil stuff in the shadows, no one will understand what it's all about.

  • "Oh Hillary just sold some uranium and technology. Maybe she had a good reason. Blah blah."

  • "Oh Bush couldn't really have helped in 9/11. I voted for him. He's ok. They're making this up."

The normies need to faint and cry by seeing what hillary and huma did in that video. They need to see people swinging from gallows.

If people don't see it they won't believe it.

  • You have to make Anderson Cooper explain everything on cnn.

  • You have to let Hannity explain it on fox.

You have to make the celebrity news readers explain the truth on each channel. No one will believe it without that.

They should explain what child trafficking is really about. I want to see Anderson Cooper explain the word pedovore.

  • It will take months to explain it all. So you can start out slowly and build up to the horrors.

You don't have to show every moment, but you HAVE to show enough for tears and prayers.


It's nice that Q wants to let people choose to know the truth. How sweet. Let's put the snowflakes in their safe space.

  • Don't use any bad words like fuck or nigger.

  • Don't talk about the evil things like eating babies ' hearts or sucking up the adrenochrome.

  • Don't tell people about how the fucksters actually destroy children for mk ultra.

  • Don't show the normies any pictures of kids in cargo boxes. Americans are too delicate to see dead bodies or kids with panda eyes.

  • In case you don't recognize sarcasm, I actually WANT you to tell the braindead normies THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, so help me GOD.

"Oh lawdy, get the smelling salts. I've got the vapors again."


Tell the truth.


It's not as if we are doing to grandma what happened to the babies. Somehow the children didn't have a choice.

It's the only way to stop this shit for once and for all. ... for now... until those demons try the whole thing again.


If people are not down on their knees praying for those babies souls, we're doing something wrong.

Gorillion, is very right. He wasn't as explicit as I am, but anyone who has been to v/pizzagate and doesn't feel like I do has something wrong with them. We dont have the luxury of hiding from the TRUTH.

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On target! Gotta make the normie see their sychophantic criminals be prosecuted to the hilt either execution for treason or life in GITMO! Otherwise normies dont get it! Yup, freak em out!

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Thanks for agreeing. People are so isolated. People are afraid to speak. People have been conditioned to feel nothing.

I really believe it has to come down hard. If nothing else, it will get people talking to each other more. Maybe it will develop into communities again like it was decades ago.

Having active and aware communities will be how we stop child abductions in the future.

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Michael Flynn talking about army of digital soldiers https://youtu.be/V2MgTd3LgB0

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Thank you so much, I'm going to edit it in. Should I grab other videos and flesh it out?

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Q said we're in the Army now.

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I needed to read this today! Just read Grassley has 49 judges on the floor to confirm. Things are moving along. Your hardwork paid off. Nice outline of events. Thanks for "putting" legs on it. WWG1WGA! Together WE will weather this storm!

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Your statement here is very good too, especially the judges!!!

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Thoughtful analysis, and great to be reminded of how far we have come. Thank you Patriot!

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I totally agree. I am so glad you wrote this. You did an excellent job. Now just if all the ones complaining about no rest and nothing happening, will be able to see this. Thank you so much.

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Id say Hannity knows about as much as we do. that was a great read thank you.

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I would say Hannity is a little more informed than us, and the difference is, he has confirmation from Trump if it is real or not....so by him always having the knowledge, you know he aint reporting BS, he is already on the edge of loosing his platform.....

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Hannity was on the frontlines in 2007 -08 exposing the magic negro and no one would listen. God protect him and his family he is a true patriot

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thank you nice to know

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