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1st Amendment, best Amendment. Voat, besides being among the foremost defenders of free speech, is providing an outlet for the collective psychic bile of its substantial audience. In such a "say something, especially if you see something, but say something" environment, the expressions of violent or murderous individuals are inevitably going to be part of the conversation.

That conversation might just be the tip-off that prevents a tragedy.

Stand firm, @PuttItOut, and continue to say what is true. Voat is a platform, upon which users WW voice their opinions. That is Constitutionally sacrosanct.

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Totally agree. Voat isn't a "group" it's a platform. People will say dumb or dangerous things just as they will say smart and helpful things. It's no different than Reddit or Twitter except Voat allows freedom of speech whereas Reddit and Twitter have a different code of conduct much like what a company HR would dictate for its employees.

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Exactly. It's business. Voat is under no legal obligation to respect the first amendment, but they choose to do, and have made a business from that slice.

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Voat is a group as much as the "hacker known as 4chan" is a group.

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Reddit and Twitter have a different code of conduct

that is disengenious and fraudulent, where double standards are applied.


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Love Our Voat.co Goat 🐐

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So, violence. The second amendment, second best amendment

You see, our country was founded upon violence. How can you so readily denounce violence, and conflate it with being murderous?

The jews have a monopoly on the mind. But they are weak in body and spirit.

Bodily war is thus a way to counter their war on the mind of the West. It is effective and relatively easily performed, but with dangerous side effects. Engaging in The War of the Mind is like out jewing the jews- and I'm not so sure about that. Now spiritual warfare is the third of these choices- and perhaps the best. The downside is that it is more difficult to commence, but it is quite possible. One reason it is more difficult is because the jews use mind power to conflate their religion of words with true religion, spirituality. I am inclined to wage peace, though the path is hazier.

But violence is one means to an end, in fact, the very amendment you cite. Be careful in denouncing it.

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Defense versus initiation of force (aggression). The second amendment is about self-defense.

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Violence is endemic to the way Nature and the Universe operate. Those that cannot handle it are swept away by those that can. This is reality.

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the jews have nothing...you are so sick and warped about your hate for jews...will be like the guy who took to off the net and walked into a shul and murdered one jewish woman and shot 3 others...is this your goal? you need help badly..one i am sure you have never met a jewish person in your life and two....you are not a true Q follow or a trump supporter...you...are ...using Q has a platform for your weak minded vile hate.....you are either insane or muslim.. get a fucking life

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great comment

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feeling vindicated

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I think voat is referenced in the beginning of I, Pet Goat II. Think about it.

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What a leftwing piece of shit Sarah Emerson, the author of this piece, is. Women like her have been so perfectly brainwashed and conditioned, they are little more than meat robots. They have no opinions of their own and long ago gave up any pretense of rational thinking. They do as they are bid by their masters, and they get paid for doing it.

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She needs to visit v/TraditionalWives. We'll whip her into shape in no time. There's absolutely no way she's happy munching on her microwavable mac & cheese, chugging her boxed wine, while leaning on her cat(s) for emotional support.

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If anybody can do it, you can, Empress. Here's what you're working with: http://archive.is/7IPH5

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Lmao its funny because that's probably a accurate description of this Sarah lady

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You can't fix the unfixable - those who parrot NPC opinions are so far down the well that no rope will reach them.

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There is good reason the NPC meme exists.

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Yup. I've never seen people kvetch so hard about a meme. It really struck a chord.

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Motherboard is leftist garbage with zero credibility. I stopped reading when they started their passive aggressive "reporting" with a political slant. Judgy bunch of bitches really.

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... They're part of Vice.com ... that should tell you all you ever need to know.

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I remember when certain leftists took "an unwavering commitment to principle" in regards to free speech & the First Amendment: https://www.aclu.org/other/aclu-history-taking-stand-free-speech-skokie

Long gone, those days... now they're all a bunch of censoring communists

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When I was growing up, one of the reasons we were taught that Nazis were so evil is that they were burning books and shutting down speech that opposed them. Today, the people who advocate shutting down speech call themselves the good guys and the "Nazis" are the ones defending speech. It's amazing how by literally not changing my views on what is traditionally American (absolute right of free speech) I've become a fucking Nazi.

PS: It's only when you do more research on what the Nazis were doing is that they were burning Pedo/Tranny and other horrendously degenerate literature from Weimar Germany (((Sex institutes))) that were experimenting with vile stuff like and other (((psychiatrists))) works.

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It’s all about power. Any group in power at any given time will try to suppress speech, while any group out of power will promote free speech.

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Even more amazing is once you learn what books were being burned you realize that it was well and truly for the best. They were eliminating harmful fiction being pushed as fact.

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Yeah, they never mentioned that in school. I still don't agree with it though since I think it's more effective to fight ideas with ideas instead of book burnings.

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Liberals take that stance. Not leftists. Liberals are libertarians. Leftists are fucking commies.

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Yup. Very important distinction.

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The user then gave an example of a specific call for violence against a specific synagogue on a specific day. This comment was still up at the time of writing.

The user then gave an example of a specific hypothetical call for violence against a specific made up synagogue on a specific day. This comment was still up at the time of writing because @PuttItOut isn't a retard.

Fixed it for her.

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Seriously what a hack.

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I hope your fix was the .... final solution...

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I refguse to believe she's actually so stupid as to not understand that context. This is clearly manipulative.

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Douche bag state controlled media puts out hit on free speech website. Shocking!

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That's exactly the situation. It's fucking bullshit that others don't see it that way. They support MSM and the establishment.

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Putt was formal and reasonable as possible with his post. Nowhere near "begging". Fuck off vice.

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Fuckin kikes man

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That's the same thing that AHS did to CringeAnarchy on Reddit. Given the obvious success there, it's no surprise that they would try it here, too.

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Not fake. I've reported several threads on voat to the relevant authorities. Maybe when a voat user bombs somewhere or shoots up a school some notice will be taken and it'll be shut down

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