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I bet you didn't think they day would come when the market would take care of Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post, did you? YouTube's day will eventually come as well, and so will Facebook's and Twitter's. Remember AOL, MySpace, and Yahoo? Nobody's invincible.

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That's true. The only problem is when big banks and people like Soros come in and "bail out" companies. If we were on a 100% level playing yes. But you know when these places start losing money many liberal billionaires will be there to boost them up.

On another note I remember when YouTube was completely uncensored, conspiracies like 9/11, Alex Jones, anti-GMO, Fukushima stuff was everywhere. You could upload a fluoride video and get 500k within 24 hours and it was on the frontpage. Now they've turned it into a safe space where NBC and CNN are on the frontpage and a few hand-picked YouTubers discuss how diversity is important. What a joke.

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All of those things still exist. Every one of them.

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I am I keep killing my self over and over and over

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I don't think many liberals will care about this. They didn't care when infowars got kicked off and this is is apparently just soft-censorship by altering their recommendation algorithm. Google is clearly already doing worse whenever I search anything political incorrect on it.

It's also very similar to reddit putting subs in quarantine and many liberals don't seem to mind much. Or they outright cheer on it.

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Well because the title of this post is fake news, it's not just "conservative" conspiracies. Shit, try being a socialist and posting a video that's even slightly away from the norm, you'll get blocked / fucked with too.

My company hides the fact we're a co op on YT because of a fear of being fucked with.

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it's not just "conservative" conspiracies

Maybe not, but that's what is driving this. That's what the leftist journalists are angry about, and what the leftists in charge will focus on, like this from the article: "So if a user happens to watch a lot of far-right conspiracy theories, the algorithm is likely to lead them down a dark path to even more of them."

Shit, try being a socialist and posting a video that's even slightly away from the norm, you'll get blocked / fucked with too.

Where's the media horde going after socialist content?

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Liberals/lefties on Voat?

Welcome!! This site needs more of you! Please stick around!

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The fu ker mods on cucktoob or on twatter or anywhere, since when they ban you they affect the bottom dollar of your income whether youre a company or individual.

HAVE to be made to DIVULGE the complainants by name or by their account. How do you know its not just some bull shit by the deep state trying to censor, and just use the 'reported' as an excuse.

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I'm going to first have to begin that line of debate with a reasonable question; are liberals really people who have thoughts or internal monologues at all?

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NPCs NPCs NPCs From the looks of it, there are even chatbots on Voat (real, AI-driven chatbots pretending to be regular users)

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"blatantly false claims" aka "hurting SJW feels".

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I found it weird, that Youtube was relatively "free" for so long, when the jew Susan Wojcicki took over as CEO.

It's about time that the jewish company in jewish hands, with a jewish CEO does jewish stuff.

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I just want to point out that Youtube routinely recommends me pornographic content in my feed. The other day, it recommended a channel that made videos by clipping together the intros/outros of actual Bangbros content. This is front page Youtube.

Yesterday, I had a video called 'Adult Performers Answer Questions You've Always Had'. The video is recommended, and there were dozens of comments on the page asking, "Why is this recommended to me?". Any 10 year old can watch it. It features porn stars talking about dick size, whether they cum during a shoot, and all kinds of great language like, "I'd ride his face till I busted a nut."

Christ, they are recommending City Girls - "Twerk" to any child who is using Youtube. But Penny clutch your pearls if those kids see any 9/11 truther content!

Youtube is recommending this to a lot of people. But they need to get rid of toxic conspiracies. Think about that for a second.

Just some lyrics from that song all the 11 year olds are listening to:

Throw that, twerk it Shake that, bounce that (I want a slim, fine woman with some twerk with her) (Action!) Do it, baby, stick it, baby Move it, baby, lick it, baby (do it) Suck up on that click until that pussy got a hickie, baby (bounce) Watch big, coulda bought a Range Rover (Range Rover) Chain little, but I spent some change on it (change on it) Nigga mad, I'ma put the gang on it (gang on it) They'll die 'bout me, they'll bang on it (facts) And that asshole got a li'l frame on it (ooww) Pussy so good he got my name on it (Miami) Itty-bitty-pretty I'm the realest in the city Only fuckin' with the plug Got a nigga worth a benj Pourin' love, only talk about Bands when he hit me Chose him, he ain't pick me We were never doin' quickies

"Hey cool, but I care about my kids so please block that Alex Jones!"

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Owen Benjamin hasn't been kicked off yet, BUT... He seems afraid to talk about 9/11. Which is a little bit sad, TBH.

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Weird, it only recommends the last five channels I watched.

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I do get recommended videos from the channels I subscribe to, and some related content. But I also get these really strange recs that seem to come out of nowhere. Often times, it's some degenerate shit or even stranger, something I'd been talking about with friends/family. An example: I hadn't played chess in years. Hadn't looked up anything to do with chess on the internet in my whole life. My brother randomly got a chess board. A few of us were hanging out at his place and watched he and another person play a game before we were going to head out. The next day, I got two recommended videos about chess in my feed. Again, I've never typed the word chess into a web browser in my life.

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What the FUCK have you been watching that YT recommended that to you?

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See my other reply in this thread. I don't feel like typing it out again. I get recommendations based on some of my subscriptions, totally random shit like this porn one, and other times based on things I talk about with my phone near me.

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They sure did make it hard to find videos that speak about the true nature of the Federal reserve. Hitler's uncensored speeches are getting hard to find.

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"hitler, the greatest story never told" is still up for now which is surprising

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If I can't view valuable material on jewtube its competitors will be getting more traffic.

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They are just going to send the teams of lawyers after the small sites, "You get a copyright violation, he gets a copyright violation, everyone gets a copyright violation!!!"

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one reason bitchute is powerful. They don't locally host.

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It's about 9/11, Las Vegas, South Africa.

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..and stratospheric aerosol injection, federal reserve, vaccines..

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Make the government version of events the "official" truth for society, what could possibly go wrong.

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