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You mean yourself Faggot?


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Even on this site you “red-pilled” retards are so easily manipulated by shills and bots. It’s pretty funny.


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Can someone downvote this butt-hurt weirdo , wt1984yb ?

He follows the more educated people around on voat trying to chase them away from the service downvoting the most highly informative posts and calling such people shill all the time.

For a knee slapper , check out wt1984yb trying to debate me last week, and he refused to accept proper clear mathematics! Hah!

Enough lower intellect people like him on voat are enough to chase the educated away. There are many famous psychological papers that discuss that higher IQ people FLEE, actively flee, social groups they perceive as too "low IQ".

wt1984yb is a CANCER on voat!


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Lol! You’re such a fag. And I don’t follow you. You just post your bullshit all over this site. And when I see it, I feel obligated to let everyone know how full of shit you are.