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The only good thing about what's happening to Gab, is that this causes multiple organizations to drop their masks for a bit......and show that they are fully corrupt, and controlled by the globalist elites. I hope some posters here are making lists of these (Luciferian globalist) organizations.

Essentially, these seemingly "separate" organizations.......are actually ONE ORGANIZATION. We're seeing multiple cells in one giant globalist mega-corporation.

GoDaddy (domain registrar), Shopify (shopping cart service), Stripe (payment processor), Joylent (web host service), and Medium (blog site).....are all part of ONE GIANT GLOBALIST ORGANIZATION.

This situation involving Gab is an incredibly well-organized conspiracy, involving multiple organizations.....that are (practically speaking) actually one organization. That said, I still strongly suspect that Gab is controlled by Israeli Mossad.