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. The internet is effectively controlled and censored by leftist


western internet (like... pretty much everything else) isn't controlled by left(ZOG) but directly owned by them.

Internet at large... is pretty much out of their control, there are shit tons of websites where you can openly shit on anybody you want and leftists won't be able to do shit, and I am not talking about dedicated free speech websites like Voat or Gab, but popular ones used by average Joe.

Thing is, most of such websites, aren't popular in the western world,for obvious reasons.


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Did the left not find a target and take it down? Other websites fly under the radar but when they get in the eye of the leftist mob I don’t see how any website can stay up and hosted in the US.


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how any website can stay up and hosted in the US.

that is the point.

they aren't hosted in the USA and aren't English language.

Shit said at popular (for example) Russian social networks is on par with voat or 4Chan, and I don't mean nationalist groups or something like that but pages frequented by average people,(heck, I remember comment calling Serena Williams neanderthal or something like that being one of the most upvoted comment in thread of Russian Sport website, and that website is one of the most 'liberal' ones according to Russian standards) but what the fuck is left going to do ? Call Some guys in Moscow and tell to stop selling their services to racists ? They will get laughed at and told to fuck right off.