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So when is Twitter and Facebook going to get banned from the Internet? He had accounts there too.


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its because middle america doesn't know they exist

the only reason twitter, facebook, google, etc is because it come STANDARD on their phones


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I've seen a lot of newer phones coming without twitter & facebook. Its not that the normies don't want those apps its that firstly the apps are so bloated and intrusive the battery savings are easy to see so manufacturers and carriers are happy to omit them and both Google & Apple want to make sure you use their app stores even if its just to get a a competitors service.

I used to disable facebook on my mothers phone everytime she got a new one, now she regularly uses facebook so complains when her phones battery life drops faster than her old phones, everytime its facebook up to some more spying and turning on mobile data and location.


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You should go to reddit and see the comment sections on this topic.. the insanity and idiocy of the leftards on there is amazing.. theres a couple or rational people amongst the sea of idiots but the few there destroy the moronic logic of the libtards over and over again... it was refreshing im used to going to that land of psychos and they censor all conservative logical comments somehow there were some fighting the good fight... just go it is truly scary how stupid the left is.


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They want mob rule (democracy) so badly. We must do everything in our power to ensure they don't get it otherwise this purge of conservative/non-globalist voices will seem trite in comparison to the real overlording they thirst for.


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Can you link me to what Reddit retards are saying about gab?


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So many brainwashed people on Reddit, I can't stand to read their comments.


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insanity and idiocy of the leftards

If what they are saying helps the leftist cause and harms the rightwing cause, how is that insane and idiotic?



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Silicon Valley is a MafiaJew organization.


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How easy is this scam.. make a internet company.. get your rich jew friends to support it... get the jew media friends to support it... trick goyim into thinking its the new biggest thing.. money roles in rinse repeat make billions


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trick goyim into...

This is the step I question. Who are these easily-trickable people, and why do they exist? (they're farming humans)


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It actually is. It was founded and funded early on by hollywood. When there was a lack of tech execs (because the tech industry was just that new), they had hollywood jew execs filling in.



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LOSING your Domain on Godaddy was What I Warned About!

I warned gab and voat about this issue yesterday. You need a .com, but you need the records processed from an organization that defends free speech, though ironically from china.

Eranet International Limited out of Hong Kong is most friendly to USA free speech web sites, Godaddy is last place.

Its only 12 bucks.

They could create an account and xfer it over to that registar without too much delay.

.com would be immune from US DOJ seizure typically.

My lengthy post has a lot of critical reasons behind each and every step:

PLEASE STICKY OR SHARE : How to Defend : Vital info for both Gab and Voat or any Free Speech web site ! 10 vital steps to create a Free Speech Social Site:



Seizure from US DOJ?

ITS SAFE from seizure unless a fed false flag put on it selling illicit intellectual property.

The gab.com is safe if held by a us entity or citizen, except for these past US DOJ seizure situations :

  1. selling nfl sports wear
  2. selling apple branded batteries
  3. selling fake designer goods (rolex prada gucci)
  4. providing links to other sites promoting copying first run us motion pictures
  5. selling indian or chinese falsely packaged Counterfeit Prescription Drugs
  6. running sports gambling sites
  7. running POKER sites , despite SCOTUS ruling it a skill, even those with forensic deck hashes
  8. running android app old version downloads, or even new pirated android apps

The U.S. government has seized over 3,000 domain names, despite the SCOTUS declaring a domain "property"

2010 : Federal Courts Order Seizure of 82 Website Domains Involved in Selling Counterfeit Goods as Part of DOJ and ICE Cyber Monday Crackdown


2011 : Federal Courts Order Seizure of 150 Website Domains Involved in Selling Counterfeit Goods as Part of DOJ, ICE HSI and FBI Cyber Monday Crackdown


2011 : U.S. Department of Justice Seizes More Gambling Domains including three largest : Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker/Ultimate


2012 : Federal Courts Order Seizure of Three Website Domains Involved in Distributing Pirated Android Cell Phone Apps


2016 : Federal Court Orders Seizure of 67 Website Domains Involved in Smuggling and Selling Misbranded and Counterfeit Prescription Drugs


TL/DR : Gab.com domain is goddamned safe so long as the SCOTUS is not stacked with socialists and democrat appointed judges, but cannot use SJW tainted registrars like Godaddy


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Mfw China is freer than us now


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No its not for servers. To run a computer in china the company has to be either 51% chinese owned OR the server has to be under control of a officially designated chinese citizen. That is why servers for china are usually stationed in countries near china (singapore, korea, etc). If your compooany gets too many chinese users though, china can block your huge outside-of-china servers.

china is just more free than usa for domain records because in the far past usa used to torment chinese email and chinese domain usage and they remember how many companies just banned all traffic from china outright because of porn and spam.

but it is funny that Dailystormer.name and many free speech sites had to get their usa domain records filed from china!

In the year 1998 Netherlands domain filing was needed to circumvent asinine censoring of domain spellings in the usa.

its kind of funny though


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Eranet? I guess I'll look into it....


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Various extremist far right large web sites use it already. do a whois on dailystormer.name for example using a free whois lookup site :


shows this month :

"Registrar: Eranet International Limited"

They are not the only free speech site there, there are others.


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Fuck off chink spam bot



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Shouldn't the AG be investigating the collusion by businesses simultaneously attacking Gab?

If a shooter ever has a voat handle, we need to keep that shit quiet. No need to inform the hysterical masses.


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the contriversial sub


would {theroetically} be in some REAL trouble at that time !


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The only good thing about what's happening to Gab, is that this causes multiple organizations to drop their masks for a bit......and show that they are fully corrupt, and controlled by the globalist elites. I hope some posters here are making lists of these (Luciferian globalist) organizations.

Essentially, these seemingly "separate" organizations.......are actually ONE ORGANIZATION. We're seeing multiple cells in one giant globalist mega-corporation.

GoDaddy (domain registrar), Shopify (shopping cart service), Stripe (payment processor), Joylent (web host service), and Medium (blog site).....are all part of ONE GIANT GLOBALIST ORGANIZATION.

This situation involving Gab is an incredibly well-organized conspiracy, involving multiple organizations.....that are (practically speaking) actually one organization. That said, I still strongly suspect that Gab is controlled by Israeli Mossad.


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"If you don't like it, go build your own website!"

Gab did that. Do they have to build their own fucking internet too? Jesus H. Christ. Talk about fucking NPCs.


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What is happening to gab has been most upsetting. The internet is effectively controlled and censored by leftist. I am normally a free markets advocate but this is out of control. It is time all backbone web hosting and smart phone app stores be regulated as public utilities.


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. The internet is effectively controlled and censored by leftist


western internet (like... pretty much everything else) isn't controlled by left(ZOG) but directly owned by them.

Internet at large... is pretty much out of their control, there are shit tons of websites where you can openly shit on anybody you want and leftists won't be able to do shit, and I am not talking about dedicated free speech websites like Voat or Gab, but popular ones used by average Joe.

Thing is, most of such websites, aren't popular in the western world,for obvious reasons.


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Did the left not find a target and take it down? Other websites fly under the radar but when they get in the eye of the leftist mob I don’t see how any website can stay up and hosted in the US.


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Come on dude. The US has thousands of hosting companies and hundreds of domain name registrars.

Gab purposely chose a host located in the heart of San Francisco and the one domain registrar with a majority mainstream audience.

They are either retarded to the bone or did this on purpose for a reason I do not yet understand.


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I could see that but how many other companies in the US would have stood up to the mob?

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My dad changed hosts after he saw their shitty adverts on TV, no joke.


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Your dad watches television...


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Breaking news: GoDaddy is the only Registrar on the Internet!!

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