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Took me a while to figure out where this asshole was coming from. Short answer: he's advocating for censorship against those on the right. Here's a quote:

But I’ve got a lot of advice for start-ups, and it’s not very fucking complicated. It’s just: Think about the impact that you want to have on your users and on the people consuming your content and do the right thing. They know what the right thing is. Discord knows what the right thing is. I had conversations with Jason [Citron] a year ago about the problem of white supremacy on his site, and he said, “I don’t want to invade their privacy by going into their channels and reading what they’re doing.” And I said, “They’re gonna cause deaths because you’re not doing that.” And he said, “You really think so?” And I said, “Yeah.” And sure enough they didn’t do anything, and sure enough deaths were caused because of the shit going on in their channels.

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And sure enough he's full of shit

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Damnit, I came here to paste the same bit. Also, no one died because of "white supremacy", assuming he's talking about Charlottesville.

IMO, the other interesting thing was:

From the inside, I can tell you that the board is never asking about revenue. They honestly don’t care, and they said as much. They’re only asking about growth.

In other words, getting people hooked on the site so they can engage in social engineering through bot posts and steering the sub conversations.

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Why is it that all these communists want us to put our faith in megacorporations? Do they not see the hypocrisy of that?

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Reddit used to be homogenous: american internet dorks. Not anime masturbating 4channers, not soccer moms, not League Of Legends players, not hipster reading hackernews programmers and no god-damn cuck-europeans. It was just a simple but homogenous community. It's now a giant mess of "diversity." Was just on it and ran into 2 complete "yahoo answers-esq" idiots. One, some guy referring to subreddits themselves as "threads" and was easily offended by /r/AznIdentity which he felt needed to be banned because it "offended" him. Another was a british nurse spouting her idiot nonsense from her substandard shitty british education/career (these people are idiots usually, like I know white people like myself are considered the masterrace but no most of us have pheasant like IQ, why else did Europeans let all those immigrants in?)

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DIdn't mention the current head was given 2 million by the left to push the narrative or that a lot of the mods were paid with that and they have paid shills all over the place. He has no idea of signed an NDA on that subject which wouldn't surprise me.

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tldr: internet needs more censorship because i'm a smelly jew

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Fucking fuck. This guy wants reddit to be more shitty than it is. What a fucker.

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His power starts and ends in reddit.

The Internet will remain free.

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No it won't. The internet is dangerous to an establishment that wants you docile and uninformed.

This is all an effort to head off the enviable backlash of having an informed majority of people actually interested in politics, economics, and international trade and finance. If they can force the middle men on the internet to do for them what old media does for them right now than they can keep the power they so desperately want.

15-20 years ago Obama could never have happened, he would not get any of the public support he got because the Internet was not a thing where his message (what little there was) could have spread. Trump using precisely the same methods to gain public support couldn't have happened either. They want a return to owning the middle men, owning the "authoritative" figures, owning our opinions because theres a fair chance you and I could reach an agreement that we don't need certain people in our societies trying to be a perpetual vampire while providing nothing but misery and ruin to us.

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Thats the establishment, not that particular faggot.

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https://archive.fo/AfWz5 :

Dan McComas, Reddit Product SVP and Imzy Founder Interview

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Reddit got big with jailbait not leftist crap. 4chan is the only one that had a giant polictical board other than /b

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