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Notice how the Jews never substantively attack the argument; because there isn't one. They just scream "shut it down". People used to be intelligent enough to realize whenever they were being lied to, and when they were having shit foisted upon them. Now, not so much.

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Why do you think they positioned themselves to have control over education? Easiest way to deal with being unable to answer the question is to make sure people aren't capable of realizing it needs to be asked.

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Or to instill a visceral hatred of the idea of even asking the question

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All you have to ask is "why?"

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Because racism, anti-semitism, think of the children.

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They'll tell you to change the channel if you're offended by what you see on TV.

More double standards.....

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Yeah just query "white people" on Bing and damn near the whole first page of results are anti-white racism. I wonder why that wasn't "horrifying" to them?

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true story--try it. Search "white kids" in a GOOGLE search engine. look at images. see many white kids?? lolololol now search "black kids" see the difference??!!!! your welcome.

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How dare you. Diversity is our skrenth.

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Fits the narrative and agenda

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Offensive content is everything i don't like therefore the search results should be blank for literally every search

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Reminder that the liars and deceivers will categorize something as "conspiracy theory" which is a weaponized term.

When people hear "Conspiracy Theory" they think "moon landing" or "lunatic" and then immediately assume whatever "Conspiracy Theory" they are being confronted with is similarly unfounded.

But those same people will believe the Trump-Russia Collusion, simply because the media hasn't properly labeled it as a "Conspiracy Theory".

Just be aware of how language is used to deceive, make entire subjects off limits for discussion, and to brand investigators/researchers as mentally ill.

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To be fair, a lot of "conspiracy theorists" are lunatics. Closemindedness and gullibility is one hell of a combo.

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Can you tell me how many buildings fell on 9/11?

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But the article said that the conspiracy theories were debunked. So therefore they must be fake news! Because I trust the honest opinions of bing moderators, Im sure they are intellegent and read through the facts. /s

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"We tried to get a comment from some of Bing's users, but they were both unavailable at this time."

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If what they say about Bing users is true, they were probably fapping

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Right, we need to remove this filth, but keep running all your porn searches through us.

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I use Bing when I know Google is hiding the results I'm looking for.

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"Mr Hoffman also found "disgusting" results when searching for images of young girls with Bing's safety filters turned off."

I just can't.

And what reason would Microsoft have for obeying some jewporter?

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Real question, why was he googling that shit in the first place?

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Jews are always looking out for the goyim by searching for kiddie porn, remember kurt eichenwald?

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Right? Who the fuck searches for this kind of shit anyway?

Oh right, jews.

Sidenote, I hate that autocorrect capitalizes jew automatically so I have to change it.

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Same. I always try to make sure to use lowercase for words like democrat, obama and similar figureheads. It's subtle, but I believe it does subconsciously take significance from the word. I'm crazy but fuck you I do what I want.

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use kike instead, its has the neat little side effect of not reinforcing their bible narrative

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Sad thing is there almost certainly are disgusting results if you search that.

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Those horrible facts are not in our interest! Get rid of them, we don't want to be confronted.

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I have a theory that this will never change in the IT world due to the types of men in that field. Silicone valley is filled with soyboy faggots who would never dream of standing up for themselves. It's bad when the guys who control the internet are weak-bodied and therefore inherently prone to give in.

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Because nothing is better than a jew filtered content.

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