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At least the robots can't jump off the building because they're bolted to the ground.

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Bastard I came here to say that. Have an upgoat.

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I think automation is going to fuck China the hardest as their economy is more dependent on manufacturing the everyone else.

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Yes and no. The people our lovely governments brought out of poverty by fucking us are going strait back into poverty. Doesn't matter if your product is $0.01 (of any currency) if I have no money.

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Watch their robots start committing suicide.......

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They will, but not because they work for Foxconn. Robots don’t get depressed. They commit suicide out of stupidity.

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Assholes like many on voat will cheer it on until they get laid off.

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Not only that, we won't see any savings as automation ramps up. Same prices, less jobs, shittier economy. When the middle and lower class have no jobs, they have no money, and they don't drive the economy(since they are by far the biggest spenders).

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This is fundamentally flawed though. The effects will be similar to the industrial revolution. The fact is, human labor is NOT that well suited for repetitive tasks. The idea that every person has to work will eventually die

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I sure as hell am not cheering about this.

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i'll cheer after I get laid off thanks

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Thanks to Boston Dynamics, robots are now capable of throwing themselves off buildings.

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Excellent news