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Somebody has had enough.

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https://archive.ph/Wp7uJ :

2019-04-19 | UNC coach Hatchell resigns amid investigation | Daily Mail Online

"North Carolina women's basketball coach Sylvia Hatchell resigned late Thursday night amid the school's investigation over racist remarks allegedly made by the Hall of Famer."

'Coach Hatchell agrees, and she offered her resignation today. '

'She had a 751-325 record at North Carolina, where she became head coach in 1986-87. '

'A two-time national coach of the year (1994, 2006), Hatchell was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2013. ', "In recent years, Hatchell's program has been plagued by transfers and the specter of the long NCAA investigation into potential academic fraud across a number of sports at North Carolina."

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