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This title reads as if he was arrested after committing suicide. What a sicko though.

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Ah yes I see you too dabble in the hobby of basic English. /s Seriously tho OP you having a stroke?

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At least we don’t have to pay our tax money to keep this pedo rapist alive for 50 years in prison. Silver lining and all...

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I interpreted it correctly but yeah a "had been recently" would have worked better

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See, if you read the headline, it reads like this: Dude diddled kid. Kills self.

Next story. Don't really care because this type of thing has been going on for ages while people twiddle their thumbs and do nothing about it other than just build more prisons but that never solves the problem. Well at least they got rid of some monster. I suppose that's a plus. Ok. Now what. Just wait around for the next Debra LaFarve to make the news? Am I just waiting for titillating stories ..or do I really care about finding solutions to any of these problems?

But when I click on the link, the first thing that played was his video confession.... I don't know what I was expecting (I thought maybe they should show some gruesome shot of the body) but hearing that was actually pretty moving. I mean it's a pretty big step to put a bullet in your own head. That takes some balls. So when guys like you just say "sicko" all I can think is why was I moved by this guy crying about his life and apologizing for fucking people over and then ending his life. I mean he didn't waste taxpayer money on a trial. He basically declared himself guilty, sentenced himself to death, then executed the punishment. He played all the roles and did all the dirty work so nobody in society has to feel guilty about giving him the death penalty or burdening the taxpayer by putting him on prison welfare for the next 50 years.

All I can think is people like you are the real immoral ones here. Sure this guy should not be touching and traumatizing little kids. Got it. That's a no-brainer. But either the moral people in society have to start genociding people like this or they have to change the way society works so kids aren't put in danger in the first place. Just calling the guy sicko takes zero effort and is something a fucking drunken homeless guy could accomplish by himself. Also, a lot of this type of degenerate behavior is part of a cycle. A girl gets touch or molested and then she continues the cycle. A boy gets fondled by his scout leader and then he ends up at a playground exposing himself to children. This is a cycle caused by a sick society that allows this type of behavior to exist.

I'm interested in solving the problem not clapping when people experience the problem. Because let's say I have your attitude and say: "another a pedophile got what he deserved." Well that still doesn't do anything for the little kid who will be traumatized for the rest of her life. That still doesn't prevent another child molester from taking his place. So when people clap as if they're passing some moral judgment all I can think is if you're such a moral guy, why are you a hypocrite that allows children like this to get fucked over in the first place. And how do you allow guys like this to even get into the position to molest children?

It reminds me of pro-lifers who are all about stopping abortion, but these same hypocrites who claim to care about the unborn child and being pro-life are nowhere to be found when this baby is born and now has to be raised. Where is their morality then? Are they willing to put in the effort the raise the child they supposedly rescued? Are they going to ensure that it is properly raised?

Morality isn't a situational response to a problem. It's an attitude and a perspective that defines your behavior.

Giving a dollar to a homeless guy may feel like a 'moral' act, but if you don't care about ending the homeless problem in general, to me you're worse than an immoral person because you're pretending you're doing something about it. You're pretending you care to solve the problem when you're really just watching a youtube fail video and exclaiming: "that guy tired to be cool and blew it. he tried to ally off that bench and broke his leg lol what a FAILLLLLLL!" I can't really gloat over the miserable condition of other people because those miserable people are going to affect my life at some point.

It's like when the experts always tell us that prison only produces better criminals. I mean how many prison shows and documentaries are there now on youtube now. It's like watching gladiator sports. You know someone is going to die but at least you're interested while they fight. That's a sick society. That's a perverted society. That's a society that makes me question who the real moral ones are. I don't know.

I like that Trump is at least attempting to fix the major problems on the surface. That's better than that fucking criminal chimp from the last administration. But these types of issues have been around for as long as I can remember and I don't really see any difference in behavior towards the problem. That's why it's festering.

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I was also expecting a faked death story.

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Good riddance. One less pedo

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So are they transporting the deceased into prison?

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they gave him a life sentence.

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Why the fuck was he not in custody then?

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they arrested a dead guy?

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Nigs don't really kill themselves out of a sense of guilt (they're like women, they don't feel guilt).

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yes, they kill themselves out of fear of the white men wrath

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Good riddance. Other pedos should follow that nigger's example.

The best cure for pedophilia is 5.56 applied at subsonic speeds to the throat. It's cheap as well!

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