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Different races look different on the outside, this is because of genetic differences. If you don’t believe there are genetic differences on the inside, not visible, as well then you have to be kind of dumb

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kind of dumb

You're a nice person.

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Especially given that the brain is the most important organ in the human body. The huge impact it has on how successful a person will be guarantees that nature will be very eager to fine-tune it to the particular environment.

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Everything is deniable. If people can live their lives and not know something then they will. Many people will have to learn the hard way. I was listening to two shitlib millennial girls talk on the train. Both of them are paying through the nose to live in an affluent white area of the city they can't afford. They assured each other that the area was diverse (its not) the fact that they had to say this out loud, affirm it, was to me the dead giveaway. You're paying through the nose to live there to escape the diversity you fucking vote for every election. They will learn nothing until a nigger is cracking them over the head with a brick for their iPhone. They after that happens they'll simply avoid niggers but publicly state that it was a one off and continue voting the way they did. Feeling morally superior is a helluva drug.

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Reminds me of a coworker. Dude rails against the town he lives and how everyone is lazy and crime is high, but will never put two and two together.

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Niggers the answer is niggers.

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You mean raped.

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Feeling morally superior is a helluva drug.

There's more to it than this. Liberals have been conditioned by the Jew-run media all their lives to ignore the obvious truths right in front of their faces and cling to the liberal fantasy narrative. They've been brainwashed. Yes, they are stupid fuckers. Yes, they are probably predisposed to take the easy road instead of the true road. But even so, they have been brainwashed.

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Yes that is true, they have been brainwashed. There's another thing I noticed too. If you try to reveal the magnitude of the situation we're in to them, it's so scary that they can't handle it. So they go into denial and "it can't be happening" and "you are bad person for telling me these things" and "everythings going to be ok; now where's my blankey so I can lie down". Just straight-up denial, they can't cope with it. Also lets pretend they do accept it, what do they do? They're now in the same boat as you, they can't watch pozzed movies, the sight of 500 pajeets at work starts to make them sick. They realize there are almost no white people in some place they used to live or go before, things start to look real bleak for them. So they cover their ears.

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Do we save them? Or do the get the bullet like the rest.

I was talking to a guy at work today about this. He says they srent american anymore and that they should be treated as the enemy. I share that sentiment but I do sometimes feel for them; they really are just brainwashed normies.

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Feeling morally superior is a helluva drug- hilarious. Being educated about how actions define your morals is a fucking too big a pill for most to swallow.

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Group diffs have always been undeniable. Anything else is pretentious.

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I'm really disturbed by the huge discrepancy in basketball players. We need more white basketball players to fight all the racism that's holding white basketball players down. They're not taking white players because of how white people are portrayed in the media.

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I rarely ever see female plumbers too. Gee I wonder why?

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They work with another type of pipes, and it pays better too.

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Actually, whenever I hear about getting more women into STEM, I always bring up construction and related fields (plumbing, electrical, etc). These jobs are always available (even in a down economy), and don't require skills that not everyone possesses (some people just aren't cut out for the logic required for programming/mathematics, or posses the memory required for medicine, but anyone who has enough work ethic can learn to install a pipe). It even pays the same or more than a web development shop once you count in overtime (which you won't get at a tech shop, but you can get through many contractors). The thing that construction workers do better than anyone else is having the dedication to do work that's not especially rewarding, fun, challenging, or interesting.

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Niggers Can't Reason

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Not at the same level as whites.

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Blacks commit 70% of gun crime. Hispanics another 24%. How's that for a group difference?

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which turn out to be JEWS!!!

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Already ARE undeniable to anyone being intellectually honest.

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Uh... guys. I'm not sure if you realize this, but William Kristol is a Straussian Jewish supremacist. Humorously, in this exchange, the idea is that nobody should be discriminated against by race, but by intelligence. Kristol thinks he's way more intelligent than any goyim who has ever walked the face of the earth and that it is therefore his birthright to enslave you by using surrogates for his Jewish supremacist beliefs like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and other Jew blowing goyim to talk you into supporting his globalist jew agenda. Hell, he's talked our young and strongest into dying or getting their legs blown off just to strengthen Israel's position in the middle east. In the scenario these two brilliant men are casually discussing... I'm sorry to tell you, but we are playing the niggers. Just sayan...im

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Jews may well possibly have a higher average IQ than whites, but there are vastly more whites than Jews, and consequently still more extremely intelligent whites than extremely intelligent Jews. Jews owe their success not just to their intelligence but to their strong in-group bias. Jews are successful in science because they cite each others' papers more and review them less critically. They're successful in business because they deal preferentially with other Jews and collude with other Jews to break and evade the law. They're successful in the the realm of politics because they have well-organized and well-funded advocacy groups pushing for Jewish issues.

At the same time they vigorously accuse whites of behaving the same way, and label such ethnocentric behavior, including merely pointing out Jewish hypocrisy on the topic, as pathological, ignorant, un-American, or whatever other slur comes to mind.

Whites are simply too good natured, at least in the past half century, to believe anyone would behave so viciously toward them, because they couldn't imagine themselves behaving so viciously toward others.

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The funny thing is that Jews are the ones saying they have a higher IQ than whites.

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The opposite is happening. People are more and more willing to deny evidence that doesn't fir their worldview.

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right, and as that accelerates it puts it on a very near collision course with reality.

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