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Just stop feeding them. Everything would correct itself quickly. They could farm their own food and fix their primitive economies in a generation, but there would be a huge die off.

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Scientists for over 200 years have been advocating that for africa (no food aid) !!!.


Malthus argued in his world famous Essay (1798) that population growth generally expanded in times and in regions of plenty until the size of the population relative to the primary resources caused distress, and therefore NO FOOD AID should be bestowed upon regions incapable of self sustenance.

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So similar to south africa.. white population for the last 350 years increased normal.. black population is at 45 million! And they cant figure out large scale farming!! Do they have zero ability to plan for the future?

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So you're saying we should build more farms in South Africa? Oh wait...

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There needs to be a die off. Their population levels aren't sustainable without tens of trillions in advanced infrastructure. Even then they might be sustainable in terms of food, water, and basic housing but then their population would just explode even more and they'd have to deal with it all over again. Not to mention there's no economic use for that many people now much less with mass automation looming.

So half of them would be on permanent welfare and where's the resources for that going to come from? Even with advanced, end-to-end automation of food, construction, transportation, and a lot of manufacturing, you'd still be running out of raw materials, dealing with the production of non-recyclable waste, and trying to maintain peace when you've got billions of fed people with nothing to do but hate those who have more than them.

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This is the correct way I think. Giving anyone control over someone else's reproductive ability is a very steep and slippery slope.

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Exactly. Stop sending money and food to them and let them self-correct.

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I've been advocating that for years now.

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The only aid we should be sending Africa is condoms and birth control pills, and if Doctors Without Borders goes there, vasectomies. Any other aid is just making the problem worse.

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It's very simple: every woman with one or two kids willing to get sterilized gets a couple thousand bucks. It's probably cheaper than the shitload of money we're now pouring into Africa and a lot more effective.

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The only aid we should send is forks. They will pretty quickly go back to their old ways and solve their overpopulation and their mass hunger at the same time.

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A lot of small arms get the exported there, though.

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Or fund some Planned Parenthood clinics over there.

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What do you call a Scottish Jew?

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Plaid Ashes.

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I've been advocating for exactly $0 foreign aid to every country for years now. + isolationist policy where we don't meddle in foreign wars.

Imagine if that is actually a thing, life as middle class American would actually be much much much better.

Too bad all these American cunts keep electing Israel or China agents instead of American patriots.

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The other major point to make in this respect is that it also makes sense not to import any to the first world, where their carbon footprint will be much higher than in the undeveloped shithole they came from (and both of these points can be combined given their higher birthrate than Whites here in the West).

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Shit you want to take it a step further to convince people ask them how much a baby consumes compared to an adult. They suck on a titty for milk and destroy nappies which if you give a shit about the earth are reusable. They also require a few extremely basic toys and attention from their parents. You import an adult shitskin though and he, and it's almost always a he, is going to want to live the western lifestyle that he's been sold on by tv. He's going to try and live like a kardashion and being a nigger absolutely doesn't see anything wrong with acting in such a manner. A child can at least be raised to respect the earth but the imported nigger is always going to say to hell with it and try to maximize his consumption because why else would he come to the west? Deep down we all know that living in a mud hut without plumbing is far more beneficial to the environment than our existence so the only reason they have to leave is to consume more while our kids are being raised to consume less.

They're a plague upon this earth worse than locusts and it's only our white ingenuity that has kept the problem at bay for so long. The earth only has so many resources to give though and the longer we leave the hard decisions that need making the less our children have so if we give a damn about the human race in general or at the very least our children it's our duty to not only end the experiment in forced multiculturalism but to end all aid to African and every other nation for that matter entirely. You either support yourself or your people die. It's not our problem and saying that we have a duty because we can change the circumstances shouldn't change shit. Either you elevate yourselves to our level or perish, either way fuck you for wanting us to do the heavy lifting while you sit back and get gibs.

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it's only our white ingenuity that has kept the problem at bay for so long.

I'd say more like the lack of black ingenuity. the Sahara desert, and Arabic cruelty that has kept them at bay, our government and people arent' doing shit except making it worse.

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They're a plague upon this earth worse than locusts and it's only our white ingenuity that has kept the problem at bay for so long.

It's whites who are funding their out of control breeding. There's a picture out there that shows how much money African nations get from America and the west and it's ridiculous. Like Liberia gets 7 times from foreign aid what they normally take in from their own taxes. I wished whites just eliminated the nigger race entirely rather than trying to civilize them.

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You'd be surprised how developed much of Africa is becoming. Google image search Nigeria and take a look.

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Developed by white men.

If they don't get into contact with Europeans they would still be living in the jungle.

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Well (((their))) logic is that whites live in the first world and that we have a higher "Footprint" for pollution.

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Nah that's just their cover story. The real reason (((they))) say that is because whites are the only race smart enough and independent enough to realize that personal liberty is possible and worth having. Other races are either too dumb to conceptualize it or too entrenched in groupthink to even consider it.

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Look at Nigeria, it looks as crowded and polluted as India.

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You don’t know the half of it. The corporations are intent in bringing all of the world’s living standards (consumption) up to western standards. If this happened; if you brought the other like 3.5 billion poor people of the world closer to our standard of living, the planet would be destroyed. So what in the fuck do they actually want, because they’re contradictory as fuck. The reality is that all of what goes on is not about the environment, nor about virtue, but rather control and power

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What about all the kids being born here in the states by women having 10 kids by 10 different fathers? Why aren't we putting a stop to that? Why are we still letting these women keep having kids, so they can keep collecting Welfare once the child becomes of age and then get Pregnant again? Why is the Government allowing this? WHY IS THE GOVERNMENT ALLOWING THIS?

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Because Democrats want future voters?

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They're not just allowing it. They're funding it.

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You're Right! I pray for a {RED WAVE} in November!

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I have always thought that if the world needs fewer people it should start with the uncivilized 6 billion of them and not the few civilized millions.

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It is Asian countries that are producing the global warming. Western countries have been reducing their CO2 output for decades.

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There is no "global warming". Asian countries are producing the majority of air and ocean pollution though.

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Japan is doing better than most European nations.

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Japan has an average IQ of like 110 and is one country in Asia.

India, China, Vietnam, etc. are the big problems.

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