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wow who would have thought

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People with good genes.

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This is total baseless bullshit just look at the incredible airplane industry in africa that has sprung up despite all of the evil white mans attempts to keep them out of that industry.. look at their boat manufacuring ability! If we would just let the intellectual powers of africa thrive we would soon have a colony on mars!

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Totally. Wakanda will arise any day now... yep any day now... I mean their space race is one to watch, a real dark horse. Heheheh

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Yes, but my genes identify as kingz n sheit

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It's true. I did great in school, and I have lots of genes.

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made me kek

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I was told I couldn't go to college because I was white by my principal,dean,and teachers(drug addict parents didn't say anything). 20 years ago. Academic success depends on the length of your nose or how usuful you will be to someone with a long nose.

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Not mentioning genes is key to academic success, suppressed study implies.

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So people who are smarter to begin with do better in school. I wonder how much money was needed to unearth that astounding conclusion.

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