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Just test it on niggers like the Tuskegee experiment.

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Calling it before we accidentally grant them intelligence.

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Maybe they can turn them white.

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How so? Cancer cells do not kill normal cells. They simply grow and grow until it kills the host, consuming a ton of resources along the way.

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This sounds like a huge fucking deal.

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You're saying I can smoke cigarettes with no fear of cancer

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What he is saying is that the WHO just says things are cancerous these days to justify their funding. Look at it this way, smokers were more prone to get cancer, and we found actual carcinogenic compounds that did cause cancer in test animals to the point that it was a definite risk.

Now I'ma blow your mind. Smoking is relatively new to Europeans. We also tend to smoke way more than native Americans did at the time we met them. Us smoking at the levels we did is what caused the problems in us, that were relatively non-existent in the natives who rarely used. We studied it, and found the cause.

Ok, now bacon/cured meats have been eaten for centuries upon centuries longer than we've smoked tobacco, and much longer than we've casually used tobacco on a daily basis. Yet we didn't notice high rates of cancer in people until we enter into the modern age - which coincidentally is when we started consuming tobacco products on a daily basis.

So, for the WHO to say that cured meats are causing cancer when we've been consuming them for a long ass time with no spike in cancer until the modern age is the first sign that this is a "keep the money coming" study to justify their existence. Much like the studies on eggs, where you can't even figure out if they are good for you or not because the results are all over the place.

The conspiracy theorist in me says these studies on animal products are ideologically motivated to promote veganism, or at least scare people into veganism.

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So cigarettes studies arent entirely accurate. I believe this. I agree we tobacco use was common in history and yet we people still lived to be old and die of causes unrelated to cancer. I think the question for me is, what are cigarettes being made of now a days as opposed to what they used to smoke. We could be smoking added chemicals they never had before.

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What is your opinion of veganism? I believe it fucks with people's system and possibly dumbs them down, it reminds me of diets the cults give to dumb down their followers and make them prone to control.

The conspiracy theorist in me

Can relate.

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But can CRISPR give me the cancer I so thoroughly deserve?

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Nah, but all them cocks in your ass will give you colon cancer sooner or later.

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Eventually he'll get fucked by a dude that fucked a whore with HPV, yes.

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Scientists playing god

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I mow my lawn and weed my garden. AM I GOD?

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To the creatures in your garden and yard you are

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God gave us science to use as a tool.

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Show me in the Bible where it says that.

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This is impressive as far as gene-editing, but I'm worried whether this method will actually be able to fully cure cancer, rather than "just" causing established tumors to shrink while regular tumor cells are already growing into a new one elsewhere.

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if it works does your medical marijuana card get yanked?

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