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Are you kidding me? Bernie is one of the few non-veteran politicians who actually cares about Vets.

Really? So what meaningful legislation has dear Bernie put forth since the dead veteran tragedy? Anything? In his defense he's really no worse than McClain who is on the same committee AND a veteran, so there is that……….


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No. No they don't. It's the logical extension of the Republican strategy over the last 30 years. Just keep repeating stuff an it'll become true. I think they're paying too much attention to Joel Osteen. Now, noone has to have a verifiable position - just one they scream louder than anyone else.

Let's face it...they can lie faster than we can fact check them. And they just ignore it anyway (see: confirmation bias)


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This might be my second favorite bill of all time to pass the way it did. The House passes HR3230--a continuing resolution to pay armed forces reserve members who are on inactive duty--in October 2013, and the Senate puts that bill on the calendar for the next year. Two whistleblowers come forward around this time (one in September, the other in October). Two days before this bill is brought before the Senate, Sen. Sanders introduces S2450--the big veterans health care bill that these news stories are talking about. The bill is halted in the Senate by Senators who want to first investigate the way the VA is handling the concerns brought forward in the previous year. (Presumably, they didn't want to just throw more money at the problem to pay bonuses to people who weren't doing their jobs.) So, the text after the enactment clause in HR3230 (meaning after the phrase, "be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives") is stricken and the text for S2450 is put in. Literally word for word. So, HR3230 is now S2450 with a different title. That bill goes to conference between the two chambers. The House passes it, then the Senate passes it. The president signs it, and voila! We have a new law.

That means that the press can say that Sen. Sanders's bill was voted down in the Senate (because S2450 was not passed) because of the Republicans and that the same bill was made law by Pres. Barrack Obama (because of the passage of HR3230).

Timeline of events surrounding VA scandal

Actions of S2450

Actions of HR3230


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Did you even try to google before posting this? Why would you make such a confident statement without even spending a second researching it? I'm guessing you have ulterior motives.

I have no way to know what you mean by "since the dead veteran tragedy," as they all die eventually. That's the least descriptive phrase I've ever seen. But:

The measure provides $5 billion for the VA to recruit more doctors, nurses and other medical providers to care for the surging number of veterans returning from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

That is one thousand times the monetary value Trump is talking about. And you know what? It's done and they have the funding. Veterans are currently benefiting from the $5 billion. Trump is still just talking... about a much smaller number.


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Dead veterans. Its the least descriptive? Thats what they actually did, let them die, as in dead.

Bernie voted for a 5 billion dollar bill for the VA. Good. He didn't come up with it, he didn't sponsor it, nothing………..Rubio came up with it. He's so inept even in the face of a crisis he does nothing.

And it is a greater monetary amount that Trump's, Bernie is also using your (our) money to fix something he should have not let happen anyway. So by your thoughts Bernie fucks something up, uses our money to fix it and he's a hero? Typical professional politician. Career politician . All over a bullshit war that they sent our troops in to fight. Classic.


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that's at best ignorant or disingenuous to compare Bernie to McCain.

Sanders and veterans may not seem like an obvious match, but they have been a constant in his career. When he rose to chair the Senate Veterans Committee in 2013, he noted that the first bill he ever introduced in Congress—in 1991—called for reimbursing members of the National Guard and Reserve for income they lost while deployed in the Persian Gulf War. Now veterans and the committee Sanders once led are touchstones for him as he runs for president.


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Good, at least he's done something. So I do take it back: He's not totally fucking useless, he's just useless. Truth be known, everyone on the Senate VA committee ought to be taken out back and shot. Send troops to a bullshit war and then won't take care of what you caused. All a group of useless assholes.