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i knew it was a dindu after the race of the shooter wasnt mentioned on multiple news sources. (((so predictable)))

honk honk

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He's ex-military. And I'm wondering if he was on any meds..like 90% of mass shooters, irrespective of color.

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Sadly, this is most likely true.

[–] Civil_Warrior ago 

MK ultra is a snap with niggers.

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Look at this guy, implying race is just skin color.

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Coulter’s Law

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Were all the victims White? If so, you'll never hear about this story again.

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I actually saw a take on Twitter that suggested the opposite. That they knew it was a white man 18-39 years old and thats why the news was protecting him.

I promptly put up the 13/50 ratio and called her stunning and brave.

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i honestly don't know where people get 13/50... it's more like 6/50; and if you really drill down... 3/50

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but blacks aren't mass shooters this must be a typo

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I know it's sarcasm, but for those who don't believe it, here's a great article on the subject.


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Good link. It'll make someone rage so hard they puke blood if used right.

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The last couple I remember we're Asian and that Pulse Muslim guy. Anybody remember Chris Dorner? They finally cornered the Dorner and burnt him alive for revenge.

[–] dundundunnnnn ago 

[–] recon_johnny ago 

I remember him, but don't remember that last part. Thought they shot him as he "resisted".

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they carefully call them 'spree shooters' not mass shooters, or serial killers etc

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They still never reported the race of the nigger mass shooter in FL that got killed by someone concealed carrying (another nigger, likely illegally carrying.) You can imagine how many narratives that went against.

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I just learned recently that there have been more black serial killers in the US than white ones. The media just rarely reports on them.

[–] letsdothis3 ago 

He's ex-military.

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The gunman used a .45 caliber handgun with a silencer and multiple extended magazines, the police chief said. The shooter and officers engaged in a lengthy “gun battle.”

Get ready for Virginia to push hard for restricting suppressors even more and a mag capacity limit.

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Whats that? You dont need a full semi automatic assault ar15 battle rifle to shoot people?

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With a extended clipazine

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.45 isn't usually the preferred caliber for mass shootings. I'm calling shenanigans!

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I'm going to pistol whip the next person who says shenanigans.

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The press conference cop said he is only going to use his name one time.

Had this been a "White Lone Wolf" then you fucking know the Kike media would be piling it on against "Neo-Nazi White Supremacists".

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White guy shoots people: it's the rise of the neo-nazis! white supremacists must be stopped!!

Black guy shoots people: It's prob his economic situation

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The only way to stop these mass murders is to ban niggers from the workplace.

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From the USA.

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Well, in all fairness; how many actually work.

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Correction: The only way to stop these mass murders is to ban niggers from the workplace contain niggers in one area and prevent them from making contact with human beings.

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Wtf, I hadn't even heard about this. They knew it was a nigger during the shooting- that's why it hasn't been reported on to any real extent. If the race of the shooter was "unknown", we'd have been bombarded with coverage, while the (((journalists))) hope to hell that the shooter is either White, (((white))), or racially ambiguous enough that he can be passed off as White.

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Dumb nigger didn't even know government buildings are "gun free zones." I'm assuming that's true in Virginia Beach.

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"public utilities engineer". fancy name for a fukn janitor.

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He had a large key-ring... doesn't that count for something?

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