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yes it is, as a young man when i attended i was completely shocked at the state of it. for everything i was told college would prepare you, Was the line. then you get there and for the most part it was a drunken kindergarden of out of control morons and indoctrination, to my luck in the 1980s indoctrination was not in full swing so you had a massive split between the old professors and the new age professors fighting and you did have some control over finding the professors that taught math and the ones that taught SJW and some math on the side to just satisfy the testing requirements. utter waste of time and money college was in retrospect. your first two years at college were simply a rehash of 4 years of high school, and frats were a homo joke.

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It's why outside the US we call "college" glorified high school. It's 4 years of a waste of fucking time.