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College for all its meaningless when they lower the standards to make sure everyone passes.

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Heck, I'd say free college for all is meaningless, period. College is supposed to be for people who can actually learn and apply complex information. It is necessarily elitist. Access to higher education must be rationed one way or another lest you waste huge amounts of time and money on people who will gain nothing from it and consequently not give anything back to society.

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They don't see themselves as educators anymore, though they are holding that moral high ground with a death grip, so they don't care about wasting resources. They see students as paychecks, take whatever money they can get ( from the kids, their families, the government. ) and then pass them through. They take the money but give no education, just a piece of paper.

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Worse of all, standards across the board are lowered to accommodate diversity so our best and brightest are essentially stunted.

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yes it is, as a young man when i attended i was completely shocked at the state of it. for everything i was told college would prepare you, Was the line. then you get there and for the most part it was a drunken kindergarden of out of control morons and indoctrination, to my luck in the 1980s indoctrination was not in full swing so you had a massive split between the old professors and the new age professors fighting and you did have some control over finding the professors that taught math and the ones that taught SJW and some math on the side to just satisfy the testing requirements. utter waste of time and money college was in retrospect. your first two years at college were simply a rehash of 4 years of high school, and frats were a homo joke.

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It's why outside the US we call "college" glorified high school. It's 4 years of a waste of fucking time.

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And when they give a degree to almost anyone. Having a degree used to be a sign of being above average. Now, it's as if when you don't have a college degree, you're below average.

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This is precisely why high school diplomas are meaningless.

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We need to make hiring foreigners cost just as much, or more than, hiring Americans.

If a company replaces an American with a foreigner then they should be taxed the difference in salary. If it costs $30k/yr to employ an American, and a company decides to hire an Indian at $15k/yr then they should be taxed the $15k/yr for the harm they're doing to our economy.

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Companies are already smart to this. They are not hiring foreigners anymore. They are contracting out all positions to outsourcing firms that then hire the foreigners. The counts don't match because they may have 3 times as many foreigners working at any given time.

If they do a straight replacement they may actually pay the same or more. My old company actually paid more salary for each Indian per the contract but there were no other costs (insurance, time off, hiring/firing costs) so they were cheaper overall on paper. Of course the rework and slower overall output wound up eating any savings but they never saw that on paper.

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We need to close those loopholes, and make companies accountable for the hiring practices of their contractors.

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Yes. see "Indeed."

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It is already so. The common case of H1B aliens:

  • You have to pay them more than market average for that job
  • There must not be a US worker who can do it despite the high pay
  • Discriminating on the basis of H1B is legal
  • Application has ~$10k in govt fees
  • Cannot apply without paying a lawyer even more
  • Company must pay the fees, charging the alien is illegal
  • Whole application process takes many months (cannot start working until it's done)
  • You can only apply during 1-2 periods in the year, each period is a ~5 day window because it fills up so fast
  • Even if your guy qualifies perfectly, there's still a lottery and he has a 1 in ~10 chance of actually getting it (fees not refunded if he fails)
  • Most of the visas every year are given out to handful of entrenched companies like Tata anyways

The problem is that some companies find loopholes. Over time, these loopholes were "attacked" by adding more bureaucracy. But the bad actors are not getting away with it because there's not enough rules, they get away with it because they're corrupt. They have special deals with the government where they'll get ~1k blank visas every year. Then none of the above issues apply - they've basically been pre-approved and are free to hire whatever Indians or whoever they want, which they of course use to hire bulk labor. So we have a system that does nothing to prevent what it's supposed to (flooding with mediocre workers) and when companies legitimately need to hire a very qualified foreign expert, they can't because of the regulatory burden (at this point the H1B process is only realistic if you're doing it at the scale of thousands of apps every year).

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I disagree with your plan. We need to prevent the hiring of foreigners—period. There is absolutely no task that cannot be performed by an American if the company is willing to pay the appropriate wages. Foreigners can come and visit (except for chinks), and spend their money. But they need to get the fuck out after a period of time.

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That would lead to autarchy, which results in a reduced standard of living for every party, compared to embracing freer trade.

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We need to prevent the hiring of foreigners—period.

That's unrealistic. People will still hire them.

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Just make foreigners pay twice the income tax and businesses twice the payroll tax on foreign employees.

Problem will be solved asap

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They get around that bullshit by outsourcing, and using contractors.

If I'm running a company, and I want to hire a team of Indians to work for me then I wouldn't go looking for a bunch of Indians wanting jobs. I'd contract with an outsourcing company to provide me with a service, and they'd provide the workers. It simplifies my accounting. Instead of needing to maintain payroll records for a bunch of Indians I'd just write one check to the company I contracted with. If that company provides a bunch of foreigners then it's not my problem because I'm not responsible for policing their hiring practices. Throw in a couple of extra shell companies to obfuscate the money flows, and you'll need forensic accountants to figure out what's going on. Now, if it saves me a bunch of fucking money that's all the better!

That's the shit we need to tackle. We need to tell American companies that they're obligated to impose their hiring practices on all companies they've contracted with.

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Free college for all

If everybody is doing it it just becomes high school 2.0

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You're implying it's not now...

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Free college and the idea that everyone needed to go to college only came about because of the disparities between whites and spics and niggers. So they decided that spics and niggers needed to go to college in order to be successful. What happened is school prices went through the roof, nobody can afford it anymore, and on top of that, they have an infinite amount of demand, which means they can pretty much keep increasing prices as much as they want.

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Perhaps when the upper middle class realize their precious kids have few and far between opportunities springing from an expensive education, they will insist on changes.

The best bet for any young white man, for the least amount of money is to go into trades and services. HVAC, plumbing and electrical, equipment operation. Even tree cutting can be more lucrative and easier on a families schedule than an office job

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Plumbers are some of the wealthiest contractor in my town!

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Or technology / web.

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I don't know since almost all tech can be outsources to the street shitters.

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It's hilarious that you just conflated a barista with some generic concept of an "IT guy". You're one of those end users who thinks it's simple work, and tries to mentally rectify your lack of knowledge by saying "it's not my job to know this".

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He is not wrong. One year of training should be enough to become an IT guy, wouldn't you say so?

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what are the "3 Rs"?

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Free or damn near free education would be easy to set up. Move education towards a world wide certification system. Do away with the archaic college system. Have the professional educators teach their expertise. Allow students to learn from the best over the internet. Get rid of the deans, councilers and tons of useless professors. Turn every campus into recreation centers. Allow students to learn their trade at hospitals, engineering firms, law offices, etc. Licensing boards could keep a firm grip on quality through the certification system. It’s high time to move the education system into the modern age.

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Let's not ignore the fact that "free college" usually means just free tuition. For example, if you are going to attend the University of Georgia and are a state resident who will live on campus then your tuition is $9,552 and the rest of your estimated costs paid to UGA (fees, room & board, books and supplies) are $13,302. So you would still have to pay that $13K even with "free college".

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