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TSA guy looks like a defrocked priest

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So well said!

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I was assaulted by some pajeet agent in London. I set off the detector and she acted like I was definitely carrying a weapon. It turned out to be metal bits on my clothes but she copped a damn good feel of my breasts and bum. I am a 5'4" white woman who the fuck am I going to threaten you shitskin dyke.

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That's what you get for going to the London.

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I wasnt going to london it was just the layover airport. As if I would spend any time in that shithole britbong calls a capital.

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If we are going to be treated like threats then we might as well be threats. Threats to what? A grope free society? Unreal. ITS ALL SO UNREAL

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Dont go to London, go somewhere else.

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You look Irish by any chance?

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As I recall, it was because we were afraid some terrorists might sneak across our borders and do terrorist attacks using airplanes. Weird how that has worked out...

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That’s what they’ll never mention about terrorism. It’s so fucking rare. It’s way way way WAY TOO FUCKING Easy. I mean between concerts sporting events carnivals theme parks etc etc etc any fucking crowd any city even small towns there’s a million places to seriously fuck people up but guess what. Most people are somewhat sane. Or atleast don’t want to do that. 99 percent of the population won’t do that. And terrorism is called terrorism because it’s unpredictable. The only way to completely eliminate terrorism is to completely eliminate freedom. That’s it, that’s the only way to do it

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Pretty sure that's the idea.

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I have always been against this shit. No airplane can ever get taken over with box cutters again. People like us will stand up and not only stop, but kill the mother fuckers making the attempt. Metal detectors are plenty of security, that and maybe some bomb sniffing equipment and dogs, all you need.

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Box cutters, lol.

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Top comment. Now stop using logic.

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The TSA motto, “If we don’t get off, you don’t get on!”

This kid’s father should hire a hit man!

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Nah, then you miss your flight.

Better let him steal your Ipad and track his house.

Then fucking castrate him.

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The problem with hitmen is where he fuck do you find them. I mean really. Do I need to contact a gang or something. Maybe some Asians? They wanted me to run drugs for them at one point they’re teally the only ones I know. I wouldn’t trust some nigger gang banger to get it done. Maybe find an x military mothwrfucker? If you know please inform me

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You need 50k minimum

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I guess watching your children get molested is the price you pay to have an organization that has stopped ZERO terrorist attacks since its inception.

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Trump should have personally fired this fucker the second this video was released. He should have called him directly and told him fuck off and die.

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He'll never do that, he's a jew plant.

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...should have personally done away with TSA altogether

oh, why yes, yes of course. but there are a thousand things he also should have done. you really expected Trump to DO anything? come on now.

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No, I’ve never expected anything out of ours or anyone’s government.

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The fact that POTUS himself saw this is good enough...you cant expect God to do all the work, its the states politicians job to adress this kind of shit.

Is TSA federal ?

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TSA is 100% federal. He has every right to fire the guy on the spot. No different than air traffic control many years ago.

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I'm totally sick of the moral decay of the average person since I was a kid. I don't think anyone being honest with themselves and who is over 40 can say the world is looking like a BETTER place than when they were young as far as how the average person's morality is. Some people are such Sociopaths it's amazing they get anywhere in life, let alone be CELEBRATED. When "Q" says "These people are SICK," he's talking about something or someone specific, but the very same thing can be said of society at large. Try red-pilling someone who doesn't want to be. They want to live their little fantasy and don't care about what's true, what's right, what's wrong, what's evil, or what's good. They only care about themselves.

TBH, when I was a child, my biggest question was "Why is God so angry with us?" TODAY? My biggest question is "Why is God so patient with us???"

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Exactly. People only care about themselves. People vote for specifically how it affects them. They don't care how it affects the country.

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and I'm the opposite. I am disabled and vote right-wing because it's good for the nation.

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Fuck the TSA. Flying sucks ass anyways.

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