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so, Jews?

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Maduro said he is Jewish.

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More then you may know. Not only are the majority of the "ruling class" jews, jewish organizations in America do fund raisers and strategy meetings, to bring supplies like medication to south America.

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Pretty sure the crippling sanctions the entire world put on it destroyed it. All they have is oil. You cannot eat oil.

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I believe it, but the fact remains that trade sanctions prevented them from feeding their population.

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Iran has sanctions. Russia has sanctions. North Korea has sanctions. All of them have survived. It is the greed, cronyism, and mismanagement from socialism that destroyed that beautiful country.

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You're saying life in iran or PRK is better than Venezuela?

Russia doesnt have nearly the level of sanctions as Venezuela, and China and central asian countries dont sanction russia at all

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Iran and Russia are self-sufficient. Yeltsin's Russia was just like Venezuela is now. Putin reformed Russia over 20 years and revives its industrial and agricultural structures and resumed colonizing Siberia. Iran has always been self-sufficient and maintained its industry in spite of Judeo-British and Judeo-American theft. North Korea is also just like Venezuela. No resources or farmland and relies largely on its neighbours. Venezuela never had industry. Just coffee, bananas, and oil. It has no friendly neighbours.

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i love that proverb

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Venezuela is being destroyed by hybrid warfare (diplomatic isolation, economic sanctions, psychological warfare, coordinated agitators). Blaming socialism is disingenuous.

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That is my impression, too. This is not as simple as the official narrative would like to have us believe.

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Did those tactics come before or after the country became socialist?

Could the adoption of socialism have been part of the pre-meditated attack on Venezuela's thriving economy?

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Venezuela is in bankruptcy as result of their own failed socialism, they confiscated industries and land (https://www.wsj.com/articles/venezuela-takes-over-kimberly-clark-plant-after-company-halts-operations-1468281735) , destroyed their own oil industry firing all their workers when they went on strike (2002-2003), persecuted international oil companies operating in Venezuela (https://www.speroforum.com/a/19251/Expropriations-in-Venezuela-threaten-oil-supply#.XFZno4rLdtQ) allied themselves with Cuba where they provided oil , but the Cubans provided only "services" (https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/use-cuban-doctors-venezuela-stirs-controversy-n81686), they took predatory loans from China and Russia, persecuted and killed their own people (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venezuelan_protests_(2014%E2%80%93present)) had a 25,000% inflation rate (https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevehanke/2018/05/31/venezuelas-inflation-breaches-25000/).

I can go on and on, but I think you have the idea.

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I'm sure socialism and having your entire country rely on oil when oil is cheap is part of the problem.

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There is no doubt that the Venezuelan economy had problems with lack of diversification. However efforts to increase Venezuela's independence and self-sufficiency are a big reason the US is trying to remove Maduro. They want all states in Latin America to be pliant and dependent.

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Wouldn't be a huge deal if trade sanctions over a loss pf American corporate assets weren't a thing

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The Saudi economy is heavily dependent on oil, as are many other Islamic countries like Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, etc. None of their economies suffered the way Venezuela's did. Socialism seems to have had the bigger effect.

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it’s not real socialism

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What does that have to do with anything? Half of the countries supporting regime change in Venezuela have major welfare states, like Canada and the UK. Blaming socialism detracts from the fact that this is just another Jewish war.

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Did the United States have a hand in causing this?

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The US lobbied for UN sanctions on Venezuela. Venezuela only has oil. All its other industries were small. If they aren't allowed tp import food, medicine, and machinery due to sanctions, this is what happens.

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If socialism and communism are so great, why weren't the socialist and communist countries able to out-compete the US regardless of sanctions? Why was economic pressure from the capitalist US more effective than economic pressure from communist and socialist countries? Why was the US able to project its economic strength so powerfully around the world? We had a stalemate militarily in Korea but today South Korea is remarkably wealthy and well of while North Korea is as poor as sub-saharan Africa. We lost Vietnam and today they're only doing reasonably well economically because of trade with the US. China and the USSR had significant population size and resources but we broke the USSR and China now works its people to death to produce cheap stuff for us. If socialism and communism are so great, why doesn't socialism produce stronger countries that can resist our economic pressure even when we lose militarily?

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Turdeau gonna smash that record.

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Trudeau is a traitor to Canada and all of Western civilization. The fiend must be sentenced to life at hard-labor under military control.

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nice bait

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Socialism destroyed Venezuela?

That's why they want it here!

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