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White people are going to be thrown out of common society for not abiding by the Niggers rule of law and how they believe society should be run.

They are going to be criminalized and pushed into the far corners of society just like they have in SA and the only approach that could put an end to this is revolt and crushing the violent Nigger system in the most ruthless manner possible. Its either that or we flee the country.

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If MAGA boy stood his ground so should we. If you flee they will follow.

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Exactly trump got elected by not cowering like a bitch. People respect that. Nobody respects a bow down bitch. All kneeling does is get you walked on anyways.

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Hey, somebody has to pay the welfare bill.

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If we flee, some leftists would flee with us and then after we've fled, they'd advocate for us to take some of them in and give them free shit, thus restarting the cycle. The problem is leftists.

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All white people have to do is turn off the free gibs, move to the country, and wait for nature to take its toll.

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Smirk-free neighbourhood.

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This is exactly what I was thinking when I heard about what happened ....."hey that kid isn't wearing his approved NPC face? ...off to jail for face crime"

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The time has come for an emoticon like this. Smiley face with no smoking circle. We'll call it the Mr. Sandmann. UTC-8 or whoever, get on this.

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It’s what will happen in the future if you criticize AIPAC

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When I was getting my global entry pic, I smiled. The government agent snapped, "no smiling". So I laughed instead.

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Great meme!

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