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Normie: "Oh goshdarnit, that George Soros is a nation-wrecker. They should put him away."

ADL: "You Anti-semite! You should be ashamed!"

Normie: "Huh, I didn't even know George Soros was Jewish, how could I be an anti-semite?"


Normie: "Man the central bank is out of control. We should audit the Fed."

ADL: "Anti-semite!"

Normie: "Huh?"

Later still...

ADL: "Anti-semite!"

No longer normie: "Maybe the Jews are the problem."

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Normie : "We should hang child rapists!"

ADL : "Anti-semite!"

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The most revolting red-pill I have ever heard of, are reports of infants becoming infected with genital herpes after their circumcisions.

Hitler did nothing wrong.

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We should send all dual passport holders to Israel.

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That ADL article is gold. They just asert "He was innocent" with zero attempt to prove that in any way. Then go on to say "These sites that are providing actual evidence to contrary are run by anti-Semites".

I'm fairly certain that they are proving the other sides case.

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This mere mortal man who believes he is some kind of god should be dealt with accordingly. This guy is dangerous to society and to allow what he has been doing for decades exactly shows who our justice system works for. Keep on throwing those goyem in jail for pot, while people like Soros and the Clintons walk around free. Just shows how far are legal system has fallen, and just who they really represent.

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Marietta finest families broke into jail and lynched him.

We need more heroes like this.

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That reminds me of how Elon Musk asked who controls the media, and a bunch of people called him anti semitic for it.

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This is essentially how I have come to determine the Jews are indeed the problem.

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So in other words even speaking the truth about one jews actions is anti Semitism, even if you don't apply that behavior to all jews. So basically a jew can never be called out on their behavior.

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Anything that is not worshiping Jews is anti semitism

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Just like anything not worshiping niggers or muslims is racism.

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Working as intended.. The NPCs go into overdrive to reject anything that names the jew.

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So basically a jew can never be called out on their behavior.

By George, I think you've got it.

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Pretty much.

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Lmao, is this real? We can't critize globalist that happen to be Jewish?

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This has been a thing for a while now.

I used to think antisemitism was wrong, or an overreaction, but apparently it's just rational.

I have Jewish family members, and Jews have an in group loyalty that is completely undeserved. The rich ones will throw the poor ones under the bus at the drop of a hat, and the poor ones will just blame the goyim.

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I used to think the same. And then I started to investigate; bolsheviks, WWI, German civil war, WWII, etc

Every. Single. Fucking. Time.

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I have Jewish family members

In-laws, I hope

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Yes. Remember when Ann Coulter was accused of anti-semitism for tweeting criticism of globalaists?


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That's been the case for well over 100 years. The story of Nathan Mayer Rothschild making millions by speculating on the Battle of Waterloo because he got the information first is considered an antisemitic conspiracy theory. Interesting isn't it? How criticizing a single person for some shit they pulled can be brushed aside as a crazy conspiracy theory by slapping the "antisemitic" label on it? Really makes you think...

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all the way back to napoleon

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Any objective analysis of George Soros' behavior over his lifetime exposes him as a nefarious meddler in the rights of all free individuals. The insistence of the MSM in defending this monster and treating him like a firewall to the greater crimes of Zionism, confirms all 'Anti Semitic Tropes' as TRUTH.

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Literally just says you cant speak against the jew even if youre not talking about the fact that hes jewish. And normies still think theres no bias.

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So even if I'm not antisemitic, I'm still antisemitic if I criticize any jew, at all, ever right?

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What point would the term "anti-semite" have to exist if it couldn't be used by Jews to deflect criticism of their actions?

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Isn't there a video of him saying he helped the Nazis with his uncle????

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I haven't seen it, but the ADL definitely doesn't want people to see it. It collapses the narrative of all Nazis being white. Soros is being adored by the liberals too despite this.

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60minutes interview. Soros said it was the happiest time of his life, and if he weren't the one snitching on jews then someone else would have done it anyway.

I don't think Soros is a Jew. His son Alex is a Luciferian. They are occultists hiding within the jewish tribe.

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Adl has zero credibility.

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