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He was somehow able to activate his Apple watch to record the events.

More likely scenario is that shit is constantly recording you.

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Just like all your smart TVs that you brought into your homes.

And Windows 10 machines with their webcams and microphones.

And your smartphone.

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I'm good, with no windows 10 or smart TV, but damnit if (((they))) don't have countless videos of me jerking off at my phone.

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Anyone else think it is so weird that this missing Saudi journalist is getting so much attention? Where were those "human rights advocates" when Saudi Arabia was bombing schools and hospitals in Yemen? Where were they when Saudi Arabia was executing activists in public? Why the sudden outrage though? Strange. Anybody has any insight on the missing journalist's background?

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Didn’t he work for the Washington Post? I suspect CIA involvement.

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having an iq of 80

Being able to torture a guy to death but forgetting that he's wearing an apple watch.

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Forgetting or not understanding what it's capable of? lol niggers

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Avicii committed suicide with a broken wine bottle in Bahrain after exposing pedos

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I thought something was off with Avicii. Never heard he exposed pedos. Sauce?

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Just type in Avicii child trafficking music video. Was released in 2015 I believe

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talk about a good plot for a black mirror episode

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Well, if you're ever a citizen of an absolute monarchy, with total government power in the hands of a new Crown Prince, and you then set about criticising that Crown Prince in the press... AFTER he siezed multiple powerfull billionaire members of his own extended family and put them under house arrest...

...it's a good bet that your fucking Apple watch isn't going to save your ass when you go traipsing into the Saudi embassy.

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he missed step one.

Step 1. leave the fucking country first

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He was in Turkey, where he worked as an implanted CIA/Psyops agent while pretending to be a journalist.

And then he went to the Saudi embassy in Turkey to "clear up some paperwork".


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Okay. Then where is this recording at? If you don't have it then STFU.

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I guess he can’t claim suicide now

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I don't think he was gonna claim anything.

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