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Go figure, women don't actually care about women unless it gives them social status to say they do

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Women: the best virtue signalers in the world.

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Yup, there are so many around where I live that project their sjw/leftist talking points into basically everything they say, even if it doesn't pertain to the topic. They seem to forget that most people don't give a shit about their opinions.

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They just ant what they want. Words are devices not communication.

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Vietnam "vet". The kind that shot heroin in a Vietnamese whorehouse while the rest of his platoon was getting gunned down and blown up by VC.

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He probably served along side John McCain.

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are the McCain war stories a hoax?

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Any chance we can get a name and address on this goy?

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More proof the Left projects all of its feelings and actions. Kavanaugh never raped anyone, but to the Left, if it were them, they WOULD have raped that rancid beast at a drunken high school party.

They are less than animals.

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This is the reality right here.

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Belive all women when it fits the narrative.

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When I hear people say this, "believe all women when they claim theyve been raped", i get really excited and ask them if that includes women from the 1990s as well? When they show interest I introduce them to the woman who was raped by Bill Clinton.

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It's funny because he is actually lacking oxygen to his brain!

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Not by nearly enough though.

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Oy vey deees NPCs are fukin up da plan. THey weren't supposed ta glitch for a anuda 10 years! Someone betta ctrl alt del or reboot. Mort go check for some condition error. They shouldn't be getting triggered dis bad!

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Leftists don’t want progress or anything beneficial for mankind. What this obsession is is a manifestation of their power-hungry drive to impose their beliefs on others regardless of whether it’s good or bad.

This video exemplifies that more than anything else.

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