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Look at that base fracture. Amazing.

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Great phrase, wonder if we will hear it being iconized in the following weeks on some msms...

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All their base belongs to cucks

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The left always eats their own. That's why Yeezy switched sides. I may not like rap music in general, but I can respect a winner like Kanye.

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I dont think he's the one who switched sides. He called out Bush before Trump did.

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You know what? You're right....Kanye is a winner.

He has affected absolutely no perspectives of mine and I look to him for absolutely zero influence, information or inspiration


Strictly by the numbers and his ability to get a meeting with Donald Trump at the snap of a finger proves he's a winner.

Too bad he's black and half retarded. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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I don't like rap music but kanye makes the best. I never liked him because he seemed racist against whites. Maybe he was a race realist the whole time.

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I still got some thinking to do before I respect Kanye in his entirety, but to call him a winner...

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OH -- so the (((mental health professionals))) want to pretend like their field is legitimate again? Because I think they should take a discerning look at Kanye's step-dad before they get too worried about Kanye. Priorities.

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Actual mentally deranged Faggot Nigger is judging a straight black male and calling him crazy. A literally fecal-phylliac is judging one of the most successful niggers on the planet.

Whipe the Shit and AIDS off your face before judging other niggers. All I smell is rotten Soros semen when this Lemon nigger opens his mouth.

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I suffer from Bi-polar. it makes me angry that what ever opinions I have can be ignored by people as not even being worthy of examination because 2 times in my life I had to be hospitalized by this disorder, never mind the fact I have never been arrested . and my episodes of mania are very temporary and transitory with me being normal and mentally healthy 95 percent of the time throughout my life.

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People will look to write you off for any reason. You are also a niggerfaggot for hanging out here? Not worried about being written off for that?

You write yourself off. Don’t do it to yourself.

Is there anyone in your life that really listens to anything you say in a non-manic state and belittles you or talks down to you as a child? If so, cut those fucking people out of your life. Immediately, for your own sanity.

99.9% of people should never know or have any interaction with you in a highly manic state. You should not be in public at those times. You should be alone or with your support structure focusing that energy on creating, creating anything.

Bi-Polar is the most weak sauce of all diagnosis if that is all you have and is very easy to deal with unless you add in self medicating with hard drugs. Many humans have an ellivated state or manic phase especially during puberty/sexaul maturity and hormonal drives to reproduce kick in.

The Society you live in a tries to produce mania even. Look at Apple and the lines of of manic people who have to have a I-whatever that is realesed.

All I am saying is that you are probably more normal than you give yourself credit for, so don’t beat yourself up because you had a couple bad days. Don’t let that define you. Take off the Scarlet Letter you’re wearing.

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I AM a mental health professional (seriously) and watching this shit made my blood boil. Lemon Turd's facial features, his demeanor and delivery are totally fake, I suspect he fears for his job, or thinks this is what he needs to do to be relevant. Context, this job requires acute observational skills and I've been doing my job for 15yrs. I have no opinion about Kanye, don't know the man, but this Lemon character is clearly 'acting'.

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Kanye has manic tendencies, it’s obvious. The God complex gives it away and pressured speech. Don’t have to be a professional to notice it.

I am not sure about ADD or Cell Phone damage but his attention span is short too. Just from a couple interviews I saw, I can see that.

No one is perfect and none of that stops him. In fact he like 99% of bi-polar people seem to really like being Manic, The trick is to use that energy in a positive way. That nigger Kanye is.

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No shit, you don't say?
They are all acting, they are actors who read a script. Ever been on a tv studio set before? None of that shit is real. Really, you observational skills are not so great if they let you make this post. Fyi

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https://archive.fo/YQHcd :

Mental Health Professionals Denounce CNN and Don Lemon’s Show for Mocking and Stigmatizing Kanye West’s Hospitalization

'Laughingly exploiting the fact that he previously received medical treatment for mental health conditions is the opposite of legitimate. '

'There are all sorts of legitimate ways to critique and even mock Kanye West if that’s what one wants to do. '

'And in the U.S., weaponizing mental health diagnoses to marginalize dissidents has been a common practice. '

'In 2018, West spoke publicly and bravely about that hospitalization and the medical treatment he has received for his mental health struggles, including a bipolar diagnosis. '

'He’s already been hospitalized.” Let’s repeat that: No one should be taking Kanye West seriously. '

This has been an automated message.

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What a bunch of cunts.

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Don Lemon and the fake news clowns at the Communist news network are sick, low life scums

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