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Oy common sense is antisemitic goy.

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common sense was deluded until people couldn't articulate their thoughts so everything had a "sense" of racist. When you don't know yourself you have to fall into a group and when someone in that group is singled out, you feel like you're next until you understand how you're different from the members of your group. They started with blacks "you're all descendants of victims" and "reparations or you'll never catch up" gets people unmotivated to contribute to earn their way in life. When you're angry you're less intelligent and just need to point out what you observe as the problem to get people to cling to it.

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Salvini celebrated his victory in Israel embassy.

Every anti-immigrant elected politicians in Europe are more zionists than their commie oppositions.

TFW far-right neonazis aren't doing shit other than spamming internet message boards and right-wing zionists are the ones taking action against immigration.

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Keep it coming boys, the Jews are positioning themselves to take credit for our win; victory is near.

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Salvini celebrated his victory in Israel embassy.

Got a link?

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Hang on, let me become president of Italy really quick.

(Not defending the zionism bit, you're bang on with that.)

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Mostly because neo-Nazis are conspiracy kooks and known retards whereas guys like Salvini address real problems. Though obviously blatant Nazism advocacy has much to do with why such people are basically on the fringes.

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No shit. How come he is one of the only politicians to say this?

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Italy has been flooded the most with migrants, no wonder they want them to be deported

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Germany has been hit hard too and it seems nobody wants them (in a lets get it done sense) deported.

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Boiling frog theory, because countries like Germany have such a large population, they have absolutely no idea what their country will look like in 20 years so they just keep letting it happen.

All the no go zones are just the beginning for many European places.

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Because the zeitgeist and the cultural landscape was fucked for a few years, but the Overton window is undeniably moving towards the right. Good things are going to happen.

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I hope he has good security.

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Fucking this. May he live long and prosper, and make Itally prosper too.

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Not sure if itsly has election limitations like we do, but he's gonna need to be in power for at least 20 years to clean up. Half a million people ain't no joke

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You can bet your ass he has a good security team with him at all times. That's the price of speaking the truth in this day and age. One of the reasons why Milo isn't active anymore. Security costs.

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I'm very surprised that he had yet to have an "accident" or "suicide" or "cardiac arrest with no previous heart-related disease".

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Even if it was considered “racist” or “evil” who cares? Protect and preserve your people

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Who doesn't love that guy? Just what we need here, wholesale deportations.

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Viva Italia! the Alt-right is inevitable.

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alt-right? its the new mainstream!

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Damn savage

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The dude is a beast. He is making Europe great again.

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Common sense is only employed by those who possess the ability to reason. Glad to see there are at least (some) leaders out there who are willing and able to use it.

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He's making Europe great again! Long overdue.

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