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salvini and orban are hero of all europe.

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BUDAPEST – It’s impossible to walk through central Budapest and not get the impression that Hungary’s capital is undergoing a Jewish renaissance: A Jewish cultural festival advertised on billboards and buses; queues outside the massive Dohány Street Synagogue, the largest in Europe; and Jewish-themed restaurants in District VII (some even kosher). On the streets, you bump into academics from around the world taking part in summer schools on Jewish history, American-Jewish tourists rediscovering their roots and a lot of Israelis looking to make real-estate investments.

Orban saying "Israel is a role model for Hungary" in radio broadcast is very "heroic" indeed. I bet that's sufficient to give him the "righteous goy" award.

Not sure why other countries aren't following the Israeli model of "building walls + rounding up migrants and deporting them." Even Saudi Arabia is following that model as well! And Trump tried too to some extent.

When Matteo Salvini became Italy’s new interior minister in June, one of the first public events he attended was a party at the Israeli Embassy celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Jewish state. In a recent interview with the Washington Post, he said he is in favor of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Salvini has made clear throughout his political career that he supports Israel

Right, basically another Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Donald Trump, or other "anti-immigrant" zionist.

For all the criticism "zionists" gets, they seem to be at the forefront of anti-immigration movement. Remember Tommy Robinson? Jordan Peterson?

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I support Israel!

..as a Jewish Containment Zone and Deportation DestinationTM.

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I have heard similar things before, but why post quotes without a source?

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We are seeing a whole slew of red pilled politicians. Momentum is in our favor.

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Men protect women and children. Black pigeon was right about empathy from the woman destroying civilisation.

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Women belong in the kitchen not in the prime minister's office.

It's not a coincidence that every wahmen leader from Merkel to Hillary to Theresa May is a disaster. Or how every "feminine" leader like Trudeau or "cucked by cougar" Macron is a disaster.

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A proper democracy would only allow married, tax-paying, fathers of 3+ and/or current and former military members to vote. Maybe women as well if her children are all over 16, to prevent abuse by daycare.

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Thank god

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The state that Europe is in today is completely backwards and insane, you'll get so very sickened by it the time you spend any moment in it, if you're not completely tired and sleepy you'll constantly think about how fucked up it really is.

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as John Gotti said, "they're gonna wish they had La Costa Nostra"

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my god, just imagine a mass dindu eviction, this man deserves a statue, bejeweled and gilded......since there will be no niggers left to steal it

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Make that man emperor IMMEDIATELY.

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