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Isn't this exactly what Trump's attorney Michael Cohen is going to prison for? Lying to a bank to obtain a loan?

From the article:

While the former Democratic presidential candidate is seemingly fighting to end corruption, his wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders, had reportedly been involved in an FBI investigation of a land deal at a Vermont college. Jane had reportedly been under federal investigation regarding allegations of bank fraud stemming back to her term as president of Burlington College, a now-defunct private school in Vermont. Jane acquired a $10 million loan to purchase land in 2010, however, she allegedly misrepresented her financial backing in order to obtain the debt.

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I'd argue hers was worse - hers caused an entire school to shut down, causing numerous job losses and disruption.

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Wow, I did not realize it had closed down after she had been running it. She should be in jail for at least 10 to 20 years. What a joke our legal system has become.

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To top it off, Bernie did the fake outrage skit and yelled at cameras, "my wife is the most honest person I know!" He had his typical crazed wild eyed neurotic look when screaming, guy looks like he always has to take a shit all neurotic and crazy.

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Bernie is a stooge of the crooked Elitists bent on stealing America's wealth. He sold out the misguided souls who supported him in the primaries. The cabal only allowed him to run against Hillary bc he was such a bad candidate . BUT none could foresee the monumentally bad candidate Hillary was. People even would vote for a senile old socialist over her. BUT be not worried globalists Bernie is a true patsy. As such ,he enjoys the protection of our corrupt judges and lawyers that plaque .this country.

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Rules for thee, not for me. Bernie is the average Democrat, he caucuses with the democrats and votes with them 90% of the time, he also ran on the democrat ticket for President, sounds just like a democrat to me. All he has to do is look in his living room to find all the corruption he needs. Just your average liberal fucktarded democrat, nothing to see here, now move along………..


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Oh what happened to his wife again? Nothing? Ah, why did I even think otherwise.

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Bernie Sanders went full cuck as Hillary and Wasserman-Schultz tag-team pegged him via the 20016 DNC.

Why didn't he fight, or even have the balls to speak out against corruption then?

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Bernie is all fake outrage and concern, some idiots fell for his typical sideshow theatrics, he betrayed them all when he sided with Hillary and folded like the cheap neurotic crazy lunatic he is.

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There is to be no progress if corruption isn't recognized. There is a revolving door between American politics and concentrated power via the gigantic banks and multinationals. War profiteering via the pentagon system, the United States is being bled dry.

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Typical con-artist Bernie will start yelling Trump abusing his power when his wife is found guilty, yea like Trump made her commit loan fraud. The artical below is one from yesterday, the neurotic opportunist Bernie is still running around complaining about corruption and inequality in wealth, meanwhile his wife ran a whole College to the ground, even hired their daughter for ridiculous amounts of money to work for the school. If that's not corrupt nepotism, I don't know what is.



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There are different magnitudes of wrong and right. There are more important battles to spend your energy on. This one is so small and so irrelevant, it makes me wonder who would even bother with it?