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2.3% of 3.5mil is 80k. That's quite a few.

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2.3% is the number that are registered, and that the state are admitting are there.

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Lol. Take a walk through any major city in germany. If we assume that 2.3% of arabs are on welfare and the other half would be working (making it 4.6%) you would see 1 arab for every 19 other ethnicities.

I can tell you right now, that this is a big lie. There are way more arabs than that. Niggers not that much though.

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German Hillary's plan is working like a charm

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And the (((insurance companies))) love it...

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Europe may have survived Nazism and Communism, but it appears that Multiculturalism – the third major strain of Western extremism – will be the death of the continent.

Depressing but good read.

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"we" didn't see it coming, and "we" still aren't identifying it as such, as on par with communism and nazism, "we" as a nation/ethnic groups. And, look at it closely, evaluate the long term implications, look at the fanatics hell bent on pushing for it, from silicon valley, to washington, to corporate america in general, to schools... The place they occupy in our societies... We're in deep shit, and yeah "the third major strain of western extremism", on par with communism and nazism, well yeah, it's not that a stretch, it's kind of spot on, but it's going to take a while for the vast majority to recognize it as such

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Yeah, I agree.

People are waking up, but the the trend hasnt reversed, in some countries it even gains, and the "wokest" countries are surrounded by the still suicidal ones. We got a rough road ahead of us.

There are three mails in all from this guy. Think I read them all earlier, but will read the other two again as well, just need to digest this one first. I linked them elsewhere in this thread if you are interested. Thanks for posting this, btw.

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Who sent him this email?

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Seem to still be anon.

Found this post with clues though: http://archive.is/f2zYT

Regular link, since archive blocks the first half of the post with overlapping pics (They can be removed with "block element" though): https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/573p51/who_is_orca100_a_digital_mystery/


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i wish the other 75% would crack down on them

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the longer "you" wait the harder it gets

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That's just the prelude. They breed. And there are more on the way.

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Now they know how we feel in the US dealing with our niggers

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Wonder why all those Doctors and Engineers are so violent?

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Epipen made them do it