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You have to wonder if it was an operation to benefit her and the Democratic Party machine. Send non-loyal agents to China, get them captured/killed/imprisoned, loyal agents replace them/rise in power, Intelligence Agencies suddenly on your side.

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Was it the server that lived in the bathroom of an otherwise-vacant mansion in Mamaroneck?

reads post

Yup, it was the server that lived in the bathroom of an otherwise-vacant mansion in Mamaroneck.

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Lol they had a security camera in there too if you can believe it.

A security camera.

Lol they are so fucking clever.

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Was the security footage kept on the same server?

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Clintons backdoored intelligence to China throughout his 8 years as President. She went on to arm and fund terrorists in the Middle East, Northern Africa and Central America. When the truth is finally known, Killary will be the most infamous political figure in American history and probably the most prolific serial killer ever.

You really can't even call her an American, at all.

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Hillary & Bill & the DNC were bought and paid for by CHina back in the 90s - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1996_United_States_campaign_finance_controversy

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This was probably the limited hangout story, hiding most of their wrongdoing with China.

Just like the 33k emails and Benghazi may be covering the crimes depicted in this story ( ineptitude excuse... [see 9/11] ) .


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Ronald regan and his crew over threw goverments, brought drugs into south central LA fueling the bloods and crips which led to countless deaths rapes beatings etc... iran contra, and he might have got elected by stalling the release of hostages??? Pretty awsome guy and he grew our national debt to u precedentdd numbers until he lost that distinction to every president that followed. And at the time his cronies where activily bringing drugs in his fucking wife was spouting just say no! Like that shit is going to work!

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HW Bush is second longest serving President in American history because he ran all 8 years of the Reagan Administration from the UNSO, right after he took out a CIA hit on The Gipper, 30 DAYS into his Presidency.

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Do the talking heads on CNN freak out when Trump talks to China? Now they actually get mad at him for putting economic pressure on them. China is a far, far greater concern than Russia.

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China has been recently aggressively annexing the South China Sea by building artificial islands. They want to control trade in the South China Sea. Imagine if the US blocked the yellows from using the Pacific Ocean as a trading route???

Go shill for those commie fucks somewhere else, we're not going to buy it here.

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If she's considered such a massive fuck up to these people, why the fuck were they and their kike overlords clearly pushing so hard to allow her to take the Presidency?!

Obviously this crazy bitch is brain dead, but why would the deep state continue to support her after all that? There is far more to the story that isn't known I'd reckon.

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why the fuck were they and their kike overlords clearly pushing so hard to allow her to take the Presidency?!

this crazy bitch is brain dead

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Incompetence explains most of Hillary Clinton's career with regard to handling duties as a representative.

Let me clarify - when managing their own personal interests, the Clintons are amazing. They always have a plan for themselves.

When managing systems and projects which benefit others - such as conducting the office of the State Department or the White House -

The Clintons are utter shit.

Tldr; the Clintons are utter shit.

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It's almost as if the apparent incompetence is just corruption in disguise. Maybe the server wasn't hacked, but was left wide open by design.

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I have considered that. No comment or conclusion.

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I remember this. I was very surprised at the lack of coverage and outrage. This was the first term of Obama, and the story was never the top story in the nation.

My god, the lack of critical coverage of Obama administration confirmed my opinion about the M5m(mainstream media). From that point, I stopped all interest in them. And came to the independent media for information.

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Thx for your 2 scents, Mr Knight of Malta Jones. Now crawl back under your rock pls

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Some reason I can only see up to when Clinton's no longer SOS

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