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Where was he in the 70', 80's and 90's?

You know, when he could have made a difference?

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He was making jewish propaganda.

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I wonder if there's a link between Monty Python and yids.

I do enjoy faulty towers.

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Same place he is today: complaining that America is humorless while having temper tantrums on his American fans' dimes.

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he learned their ways

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"We had a very diverse cast for the time. We didn't have any blacks, but we had a Yank. And none of us were slave owners"


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He added that he has “particular beef” with the “lying and triviality” of British newspapers.

I think it's more of just a personal beef. So this is not a man that is standing up for his fellow man, he is a man that has turned coward and instead of fighting, is running... How very British of him.

[–] lissencarak 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

He is old. He deserves blame for what he did when he was younger, but you can't really condemn an old man for being afraid.

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I don't blame him for being afraid. I blame him for letting that fear be enough to make him run.

Brave men can be just as afraid as a coward, the difference is those willing to accept what they will lose, vs those with everything to lose.

Cleese is fine with his nation crumbling as long as he keeps his shekels. Coward. Sad.

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He has never changed. He is leftist through-and-through. He deserves every bit of blame.

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Are you going to blame them for being crazy and shooting the hell out of some fucking commies when they come for their guns?

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Good on him - unlike the pussy US celebrities who said they'd pack-up-and-leave after Trump won and never did.

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"Very few people have any idea of what’s actually going to happen. Why’s everyone so passionate when they can’t possibly know what the outcome is?” he asked.

Nobody knew what the outcome of the great American experiment would be after the Revolutionary War, either. By his logic, the founding fathers should not have been passionate about the United States of America.

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"George W. Bush voters"? What year is it???

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He can barely talk.

Might as well just nail himself to a branch and get stuffed.

And no one watches the MP tv series anymore...its old, its boring. Been there, done that.

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