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is 'racist' now just a catch-all term for "uppity goyim asking too many questions"?

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Has that ever not been the case?

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there was a time when it was simply a scientific term, akin to botanist.

i suppose if sentient weeds somehow got control of education & media, botanist, too, would become a synonym for evil.

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Was the study "peer reviewed"? If it was then this illustrates the futility of modern science and the American peer review process.

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you white folk need to know your place us jews will always be your masters

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yeah, cus this would be the first time ever jews were kicked out and sent back to square one.

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The word "racist" means nothing now

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It never meant anything other than "White Devil".

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The word "racist" means nothing now

Even before it had no real meaning. Like all the other fighting words invented by the left, its sole purpose it to publicly brand enemies of the left and paint them visible for random mob attacks. It doesnt really matter how you call the victim as long as the angry mob knows the code word when you want them to attack.

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Wasn't the term either invented or popularized by literal Communists?

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Seeing through bullshit is racist. Got it.

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Seeing through the bullshit is what logical and rational people do.

People with the ability to see through the crap can apply that skill to anything, whether it be ObamaCare or climate change. In some scientific circles they call this skill critical thinking, but most layman know it as commonsense. If something smells like shit, chances are it is shit.

I think this skill has more to do with emotional regulation than intelligence. When your brain can control its emotions and continue to function normally in the face of emotional appeals like guilt, anger, disgust, etc., then you're much less likely to get swept away in the drama of ideological movements and ad-hoc causes. Even when you do, you can still think critically, but any logical thought processes can get overridden and manipulated by emotion to adhere to some "correct" way of thinking. That can happen no matter how smart you are, what matters is your ability to remain calm and rational in the face of all that.

It seems to me that people with poor emotional regulation will more often buy into causes that make heavy emotional appeals, like social justice and anti-racism and everything that seeks to save the poor oppressed people from the evil oppressors. And people with better emotional regulation will more often see the bullshit for what it is, and they'll have a better understanding of reality.

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Oi vey Its as bad as denying the holohoax!! Don't question the jews' world tax scheme, goyim

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Polarbears > Nose, would cut down all the Noses to save one bear.

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Just send 50 shekels monthly and you will be sent a photo of a polar bear that you are helping.

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So we went from "high levels of racial resentment are strongly correlated with reduced agreement with the scientific consensus on climate change"


"Study Claims Its Racist To Question Global Warming"

If this is the type reporting you do, you're not allowed to criticize the mainstream media tbh

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We're gonna look back on these times and say, what the Fuck.

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Some of us are saying that right now just looking around.

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It's an old issue that certain minority-rep organizations can be bought to play the race card on behalf of corporate interests. Add in the fact that the race card is a go-to for shutting down dissent, and it's not a shock to see this sort of bullshit.

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We need to start an award for an annual "most absurd word". Racist would be my choice. It's something that's being used entirely becuase of it's negative implications to the mind of the reader/listener. No actual racism need exist or take place. The word is all you need.

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