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Because nothing says "fighting the deep state" like putting the CIA director into the highest level cabinet position.


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Pompeo is a West Pointer and a Tea Party candidate. Trump put him in charge of the CIA. He spent a year mapping out the places in the CIA that even the Director can't reach, meaning they are Deep State enclaves. He's replacing Rex the Globalist at State, and the woman who is the world expert on running secret illegal prisons and torturing people in them is now being put in charge of the CIA.

You think the Deep State isn't shitting itself now?


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Tillerson was pushing for wawr with Russia, was he not? He is gone. Whether Pompeo is the right choice is to be seen, but it is a good excuse to put someone new in charge of the CIA! I don't "trust" Trump, but I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. War with Russia would have been exactly what the Globalists were aiming for.


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One can hope.


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I really hope you're right. The deep state needs JFK's dream of shattering them into a thousand pieces and scattering them to the wind to come true more than ever.


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Yeah - but getting promoted by Trump is most often the final step before getting fired by Trump.


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State employees with a TS clearance:
1. Can be investigated/wiretapped easier.
1a. Consent is given by maintaining your clearance and position.
2. Can be compelled to testify.
3. The lower echelons in the now cleaned State Dept. can monitor upwards.
4. Performance reviews can be given by people that Pompeo hasn't rubbed elbows with. Which will provide cause to prevent an unlawful termination suit from happening.
5. When fighting an enemy, it's best to do it on grounds that aren't friendly or familiar to them.
5a. He who chooses the battlefield, also chooses how the battle will be fought.


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That looks like a very good assessment of the situation using a relational lens. Very much a Sun Tzu outlook. One question; Who can compel the Secretary testify? How do you see this as an advantage to POTUS Trump, if you do?

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keeping one's enemies close

Is retarded. When you kill your enemies, you win.