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The New World Order globalists have infiltrated the Democrat and Republican parties. This is what the normies need to understand. The NWO globalists need a weak American middle class so they can take over. This is why they moved manufacturing jobs to Communist China.

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Yes, I agree.

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The only fox news pundit I've seen devote real tiime and fully support trump in re-instating tarriiffs is Tucker Carlson.

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Tucker is an entertainer. He's 100% conscious of and subservient to the Jews.

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do you think him losing the bowtie was his circumcision? Jon Stewart/Liebowitz OY VEY!'ed him pretty hard in the beginning of his career, must've had to give up something to Moloch.

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Come on military, start killing these domestic terrorists. No jury will convict.

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It is is important that people know this, since all of the information we receive from the media is controlled by these corporate entities.

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Take the time and watch how Trump destroys these sulking NWOwned bastard Republican and Democrat pols XD

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Same fucking traitors it has been since the mid seventies. This is why we have a porous southern border and little to any real imigration policy. This is the capitalists agenda and it has nothing to do with meriting the middle class and everything to do with further enriching the wealthy and hollowing out as much of the middle class as possible.

It won't stop until we get the pitch forks out. Don't for one second think your vote has any sway. They are all traitors, democrats and republicans alike and should not be trusted!

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It is ONLY the fault of the DemonCrats

Get in line soldier!

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archive link: http://archive.is/ARBho

this is one of the better things ive seen posted on voat. fucking DISGUSTING, just from reading the thread. i havent even watched the vid yet.

highly underrated post.. i wish it was at the top of /v/all right now.

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Dope your scopes and get ready...

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