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This is great. Really cool. Demand will plunge. No one wants a box of healthy nutritious food. Only the HUNGRY would want that. They want Bo Jangles and a 40. I bet national average weight will fall

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This removes a major subsidy for the junk food industry.

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Yep. Fast food will go away

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This is exactly correct. It cannot be traded for, either.

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It will be glorious... Seriously awesome stuff. I hope there is even more. coming down the pipe on this stuff. Lets end all public assistance and instead take that money and set up a "reparations program". This program will pay people to voluntarily leave the country. We open it up to prisioners and all citizens of all ages. If a nation wants aid of any kind from the US then they MUST take our scumbags as part of the deal.

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Also, we get to hear socialists (who should want government provided food) talk about how great capitalism is (people buying their own groceries from private companies).

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I mean who doesn't want a spicy supremes combo from bo's?

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Removing the EBT cash is going to reduce costs for everyone else at the grocery store. People on EBT don't give a fuck what the food costs because it's not their money to begin with. Now they WILL care what they spend their own personal money on and how much it costs, because it will matter to them.

My comment from yesterday.

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That's a damn good point.

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It was a good one too.

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I don't think so. It'll increase costs for everyone because it's reducing store income & profitability and all remaining customers will be saddled with paying that difference because that's actually how business operates. Right now all middle-income Americans are living in a food utopia because there is so much subsidy going around. Reduce the subsidies and we could see prices begin to slip up really fast. They should have just blocked all junk food / sodas and let the fucking markets work how they're supposed to

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They could pick up the "ape crates" from a welfare office with armed police officers standing guard. That would cut delivery costs.

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Ape crates.


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No, no, no!

You have ICE handle distribution occasionally. Maybe not every time, but more like a random citizen test.

That will cut it back even more.

A real physical address that a govt worker will bring your food to??? Think of the awesomeness! Thing is, this will be great benefit for the old people who need it.

Edit: ALSO, you could even have police participate. This means it would help with PR and community relations, as well as, serve as a welfare visit/check. If policeman sees some illegal shit, he can go ahead and follow up while there! Serve up some groceries, and protect!

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A delivery option would be nice especially for the elderly and disabled.

Homeless people would be the only issue with requiring a physical address that I can think of. That, and having a crate with a month's supply of heavy-ass canned shit you'd have to lug around and protect (good luck with that, from what I hear).

I'm not sure how a disabled or elderly homeless person would manage with 50+ lbs of additional stuff.

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If it doesn't actually contain an ape...I'll be disappointed...

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As if anyone actually wanted a pavement ape. Have you seen nigger abortion rates?

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Too many people in this country that cost more to keep alive than they produce.

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Don't forget the niggers and thugs in Prison that cost more to keep there than most people make in a year. Google it, NYC Prison cost per inmate. You will be sick to your stomach

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The wonders of diversity!

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I highly recommend Hans Hoppe's A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism to see why socialism always favors non-production over production.

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Let’s see, theory says it’s the millions who work for sub-poverty wages.

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Thats the most profound statement posted today, glad you said it.

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In the long run this might cause problems with government subsidizing verious "selected" companies that would provide this food, as well as the list of foods provided will gradually expand, as things like that always do. But on the other hand this solves a lot of bugger problems, like re-selling of stuff gotten with food stamps and bad eating habits possible with food stamps.

I'd say it's overall a great change for USA.

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I'm fine with subsidizing corporations as long as the lazy niggers get what they deserve

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You won't be when you hear that taxpayers are paying 200 bucks for every 2 that actuelly get to beneficiaries of this program in 20 years or so.

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How would it prevent anyone from re-selling things?

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Guess which is easier to re-sell:

a) boxes of junk food(sweets/sodas/icecream/chips)

b) assorted vegetables, fruits, pasta, rice, mostly good for a few days only(apparently they are gonna be canned)

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this might cause problems with government subsidizing verious "selected" companies

Better subsidize white employing companies than unemployed niggers.

Baby steps.

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(((White employing companies))) would be my guess. But we'll see.

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It will absolutely change into an insane lobbying fest over what gibs the government hands out. But whatever to discourage people from using their ebts as a ticket to the buffet at the supermarket.

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I love this. If you want to make sure a bum eats give them food not money. Otherwise they'll just buy drugs/alcohol with it. Or in the case of niggers Newport and rims.

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This is silly, just give EBT restrictions like WIC. No more buying King crab just to walk out the store, turn around and go back in to return it for the cash so they can buy cigs and booze. Worst part is, they have to throw the crab away because seafood that has left the store can't be restocked. So we all pay for that in the form of higher prices.

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Yup. It would be insane if it got through. Just fix what exists. Either ban junk food or limit it, but the corrupt system of lobbying will have to be torn apart before that can happen (pizza is a fruit! ...it'll never happen. Swamp creatures want their gibs, too). Canned foods are terrible for you compared to fresh ones. There's the massive amounts of salt, preservatives, and additives in meats, the lower nutrients in canned fruits and vegetables, massive amounts of sweetener (HFCS-based, of course) in canned fruit, and high sodium in canned vegetables.

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Or we could give them nothing and give that money back to the people it was stolen from.

Then if those individuals want to throw their money into the bottomless hole of entitlement spending, they can do so directly.

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But think of the children! You heartless Goyim! Niggers need you’re tax dollars so they can make more children!

Everytime I see comercial for nigglets in some shithole country covered in flies. I root for the flies.

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