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What’s, with all, the commas, used for no, reason?

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Better than the fucking clap emoji.

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When I see that I just assume they want belted across the face several times.

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Thanks for pointing that out. I now read it in William Shatners voice.

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Pretty sure that person was hyperventilating and it carried over into text lel.

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In their mind logic is just a tool of the patriarchy and any discussion of "outside" ideas are avoided like the plague, literally.

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They believe it empowers the enemy to even have a discussion with the enemy. Therefore anybody labeled an enemy simply needs to be eradicated on the spot, no trial, no evidence necessary. They are already brainwashed to support gulags.

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Education is a product of white supremacy

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Or chinese supremacy.

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Step 1) Proclaim you are tired of hearing Trump speak his mind.
Step 2) Have someone question how Oprah's policies will benefit America.
Step 3) Advocate the 1st amendment and state you have the right to speak your mind (the very thing you denounce Trump for in Step 1..) and then state the inquiry must come from a Republican, because no Democrat would ever question Oprah!

Prime demonstration of the Liberal mental disorder.

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Why are the usernames censored. Weak as fuck.

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The LEFT wants IDOLS to worship in government. They don't want anything to interfere with the demi-god status they have annointed on their heros. Everything they know about their idols has been filtered and sanatized through corrupt media. They cannot grasp complex issues because they don't have access to the information and must fall back on very short slogans and catch phrases. They are absolutely incapable of critical thinking and act on pure emotions that have been carefully cultivated throughout their lives. The brainwashing is complete and they are ready to jump into the abyss.

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Oh, there isn't any worship of Trump at all, is there?

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I love America and I love Trumpy Bear!

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I agree, but I wonder if it is not quite the same thing. It seems to me that at least some of the people that treat Trump as "God Emperor" are supporting him, not because of idol worship but as vehicle to bring about social reform. He is saying and doing things that is no longer socially acceptable/politically correct and in showing support no matter how indefensible it seems, they are trying to turn back the clock on societal norms. Much like Trump's negotiation strategy, I don't think they necessarily want to "grab women by the pussy" etc, but are making a big ask only to settle somewhere between the "Trump is Hitler" level and where we are at now. This would be quite different from "Benevolent Oprah please save us from devil Trump and shepherd us into to a socialist paradise".

Does any of that make sense?

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I will not debate you. You must be a commie. I will physically remove whoever I want. UNRESTRICTED WARFARE ANCAPISTAN. IF YOU ARE NOT US. YOU ARE NOT US. [logic lvl 99]

I mean really. ''I will vote however I want'' ''It's my right to steal form you and harm you through the political process''

Democracy is organized warfare for the benefit of r selected parasites and psychopaths. I think my side should exterminate.

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Thats why there will need to be a lot of blood spilled

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aka that fag is just going to vote for the fat cow because muh feefees.

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