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Sally (((Kohn)))

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She has the smug 'I'm a dike and I'll kick your ass, Mr. Man!' look about her, doesn't she ?

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Until her ego finds its way into a boxing ring with a man. That's a fun video rabbit hole to go down

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Please try it cunt so I can pound your head into the pavement until they have to scoop it up the goo with a snow shovel.

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Flawed clone of Rachel Madcow.

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8 )

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I hope Trump’s next tweet is something like this:

“Those countries are wonderful places! People should be happy to go back!”

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Yes this is the best thing he could say. The only counter is for someone to say: “No!! Their countries are terrible and dirty and full of shit and disease and Crime!” Oh... wait.

Funny part is that it will never dawn on them.

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These 200k people should be screaming the same thing Trump just said. These places are shitholes! Or they should be happily going back.

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Don't forget...

They currently despise the United States.

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I honestly don't think that is true. Any immigrant I've met readily agrees that the country they came from was a shithole and wanted to come to America for a reason. Then again, these were good people that were actually more pissed about illegals than the average American born citizen. So...

In before "fuck you and your based immigrant bullshit!".

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When they come to the US , any town they live in they turn to a shithole just like their home country.

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Replacement migration.

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They MUST go back home and fix it.

It's one thing to escape persecution, if the host country will have you (to weather that storm), but if you won't go back home to your people when you've overstayed your welcome, it helps no one.

'Cept for power-hungry democrats.

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That sounds like a shithole to me.

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Fuck me dead that was a horrible experience.

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The nature of the country is not in its geography but its people. Those people bring their culture with them and make their host countries unsafe. Shithole countries come from shitty stupid people.

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