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They are so fucking brainwashed it's hilarious.

They are the "victim" of right wing extremism spreading fake news and propaganda. So they brag about how they got people they don't agree with off the air and how the pressured social media platforms into censoring stuff they don't like.

Useful idiots.


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"Reich Wing Death Squads !!!"


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I question that there are actually that many of them. I would suppose probably 60% of America is liberal, but probably only 40% votes liberal. Within that 40%, perhaps only 4% of the populace are vocal liberal voters. Perhaps the rest are "Healthcare and Unions" liberals. So within that 4% let's guess that maybe 0.4% are radical leftists. They are all over social media because they're paid to. They puff out their chests a lot and use a set of shills and sock puppets and hair dye and facial piercings to draw attention to themselves so that they appear both more numerous and more important. Taste, modesty and decorum are not their bag. So I think that this 0.4% probably looks like 4% online to the casual observer. People want to see a show and the SJW are providing a spectacle. But since probably only half of the 0.4% are activists, my point is that maybe only one in four hundred Americans would be even willing to show up at a leftist rally, assuming they had the day off from work. But many of them don't work. They're pink-haired basement-dwellers and welfare dependents.
This is our Bolshevik enemy - nose-ringed, unarmed, radical and frothing at the mouth. When bin-Talal and Soros stopped paying them they evaporated. They puff out their chests on social media but in the end they can accomplish nothing other than harassment, spam and media-whoring. I live in a liberal area but I've never met anyone in ANTIFA. These fags are LARPers.


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They're just there to stir up and agitate the minorities, both domestic and imported.

The minorities will be used as the actual foot soldiers, and like mere scaffolding, the white liberals will be torn down and discarded at the first moment it suits the bolshis.

The Day of The Rope and Helter Skelter stand as two possible inevitable outcomes stemming from the same plot.

It really has been the plan for a long time--anyone looking at how intersectionality has been used from the beginning will realize the strategy is to balkanize the u.s. through racial and sectarian violence. The white liberals are just the fuse on the powder keg.

Bad things are coming. Not as soon as all the 'sky is falling! doom porn!' purveyors claim, but with a decade, or two at most--very bad things coming down the pipe with anyone with eyes to see.


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I agree, but LARPers? They aren't pretending to be this insane.


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Look how much damage Bolshevik did with their small numbers!


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You have a hilariously uniformed definition of "liberal". Stop using the word. It makes you look retarded.


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It's impossible for me to understand how they can't accept the fact that they ran a shit candidate on a shit platform. Nobody liked Hillary, nobody ever has, there are more than enough people still alive and voting that remembered how shit she was as a first lady. Add to this that she ran on a shit platform - I can't even remember what she was promising - for the most part it was Obama and Lady Gaga promoting her with "chew soap" messages consisting of pure emotional garbage.

People actually wanted things like tax reform, jobs, rule of law, and the border wall - so much so that they voted for Trump despite the fact that days before the election he was caught on tape saying he grabs women by the pussy.

There's a good chance that if anyone other than Hillary ran that "grab them by the pussy" tape would've been the death knell for Trump. If Biden were on the ticket with an actual tangible and semi-sensible policy behind him I think Trump would've lost. But, ShareBlue and the useful idiots won't accept that it wasn't "her turn" and that they did nothing wrong.... which bodes well for Trump 2020!


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What was her platform? I really can't say she advertised a single issue or solution. Her platform boiled down to three things "My turn", "Woman" and "Not Trump".


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Shareblue to DNC: we got destroyed online last year so naturally we think we should be your front line online next year.