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It will pass, because it makes sense. Bump-stocks are just a way to get around the prohibition against machine guns, and everybody knows it. They should never have been legal in the first place, unless you believe that anyone should be permitted to own and shoot a fully-automatic weapon (most people don't believe this).


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it makes sense



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I think anyone who should be able to own a gun should be able to fire fully automatic weapons.


[–] 10762421? [S] 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Fully automatic flash and sound suppressed weapons, you mean.


[–] 10762061? [S] 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago  (edited ago)

It passing isn't the issue.

  1. Congress will use it to do other things. This sounds like it could be used to ban high capacity magazines - who decides the base rate of fire? Some Hillary supporter in a cushy government job? Here, enjoy your 5 round magazines.

  2. Republicans will do this on their own and will not negotiate for something they want from Democrats; Democrats who never give anything away for free even when there are dead bodies. Can we at least get nationwide concealed carry?

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I was horrified. I and everyone else.

Speak for yourself

They're good for killing a lot of people quickly

Because you'd never ever need to do something like that. Dont you know large groups of criminals have been outlawed? How could they possibly pose a threat?

And citizens could surely overthrow the government. How much of the military do you think would honestly shoot fellow citizens? The government derives it's right to rule from the people, and so people can overthrow it. Are you literally not american or have you just not learned anything about the nation's history?


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2a was created as a hard stopper to a tyrannical government. Banning guns means consolidating guns solely into the hands of the government. Do you consider your government infallible? Perfect? Just? Even handed? History of gun control, worth a watch.