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Years ago NPR had some quality reporting, but now it seems to feature Millennial 'reporters' who couldn't get a job at VICE. I really cannot listen to one more dolphin-squeak or voice-fried kid spouting Right Think, frequently mispronouncing and misusing words of more than one syllable. The slant of any feature is always predictable so there is no point listening to NPR since they are just a propaganda outlet.


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I really cannot listen to one more dolphin-squeak or voice-fried kid...

This is the worst part. What the fuck is up with that? It's like half have gay lisps and half speak like braindead teenage girls--even the guys.

For those of you who haven't heard this type of male speaking, here's a good example. Listen at least up to 1 minute:


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I always chalked that up to Jews in the media. Even before I was redpilled about them, I was noticing how people on podcasts and radio sounded a little bit jewish. Later someone pointed this out as "vocal fry".

Joe Posner is a jew, and others who work with jews will naturally start talking a little bit like them, just like whites who move to the south start talking like southerners. It's all dialect. Since on the radio they can't squeek like they usually do, they'll drop their voice into something that sounds like vocal fry.

Women are the most noticeable though. Very distinct. I don't mind the vocal fry so much though, it's probably the one thing about Jews I don't find offensive.


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Define "years ago". NPR has sucked since at least the mid-80s, probably longer.


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I blame Ira Glass.