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White people are the minority. Were the ones following the law.


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Asian here, we follow the law too.


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Honest question.

Do most Asians feel included when the term 'white people' is being used? I mean, technically you're 'white', but normally you're referred to as 'Asians', right?


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Asians mind their own business which is what they're doing now. They know what's going on and they mostly all side with Whites.

I used to live in Toronto with Asians all around, more Asians than Whites, and yet nobody has a problem with them. Nobody at all. White people and Asians live in basically total harmony with each other.

Asian women and White women are both hot too, so it's a fair exchange. Usually Asian women don't like White guys and White women don't like Asian men, so it works out great.

I've happily lived in Asian neighbourhoods. I'd never live in a black or Muslim area though. Indians are civilized people as well.

Asians, Whites and Indians are able to live amongst each other in harmony.


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Wait, aren't 'white people' a minority on this planet already?


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I read somewhere that white women of child bearing age are only about 2% of the world's population.

It's funny if it weren't so sad how thoroughly Western people have been brainwashed. If a white leader said that white people need to unite behind the 14 words, the vast majority of white people themselves would recoil at such FLAGRANT RACISM, and yet those same white people wouldn't even raise an eyebrow if they swapped out the ethnicity.

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for Tibetan children."


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People need to see how much of a threat this man is to them. This isn't just some Okie-Dokie from the block, regular ol' boring politician in every shade of khaki on god's green earth. He's outwardly admitting a racial prejudice against a huge chunk of the country.

Between this, the Dotcom thing and Milwaukee ... I'm going to bed. I'm chambering buckshot instead of just leaving it empty, but I'm still going to bed. World's gone fucking crazy in 48 hours.

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Two magazines loaded with Critical Duty at my bedside.

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Yes sir you do. Go pump, hell you can buy a reliable 12-gauge pump action Maverick for under a bill.


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He's outwardly admitting a racial prejudice against a huge chunk of the country.

No, he's not, perhaps watching the video and reading what he actually said might give you some context.


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I don't really feel like giving that man nor his videos any more of attention from my daily life than necessary. If he didn't mean that, then why is he directly quoted as saying that?

Did he drop a "NOT!" after that, that's being left out? Did he start out by saying "Hehehe, here let's let people run with something silly like this:..."?


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Yes goyim. Get down on your knees and cuck yourselves to these filthy schvartze....eh....I mean repressed good boys!

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Please, Lord, don't let Hillary (the witch) and this dope win.

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white people need to willingly submit themselves to a state of repression similar to what black Americans have experienced

There has to be about 20 jokes in there, the first I can see is having to deal with this fucktard and his cunt handler.


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Yeah put the blacks in charge. They'll destroy all of western civilization and be like "dayum maybe dees white folk shud had been in charge all along"


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With the current situation in America I feel as if every law abiding citizen deserves a means to protect themselves. You can also legally purchase this in Canada and most countries around the world as well. This is a legal way to obtain a firearm without a gun license, background check, or having to provide ID. The total cost is around 100$.

Here is a steel flare gun.


And here's an insert which converts it into a . 22/.45/410/ single shot pistol.


They make cheaper ones as well. Just look around.

Now this is what it does.


This is all completely legal to own. It's not considered a firearm until you actually insert the adaptor into the flare gun.

Anybody anywhere can legally own a pistol this way and if need be the insert can easily be made.

Stay safe.


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A single shot pistol? Why not just shoot people with the flare. Not like you're gonna hit what you're aiming for and fire would at least scatter them.

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