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Are these perverts wanting to make sure that these kids are all ready and experienced when these perverts get ready to abuse them? Is that why they want them Educated in stuff they are way too young to even understand? WTH is going on there? Are parents not up in arms? this is crazy. Kama Sutra? That is for couples or at least it used to be. Couples that are in love. Couples that are experienced with sex enough to even understand Kama Sutra. There is a lot more to sex than just doing it and these children need to be taught that too. But not until they are older. Sex education can start slowly maybe at 10 with just the basic hygiene and move up. You don't just throw this kind of stuff at kids and not teach them about love. That is the part about Stds. Teaching them not to have sex with too may partners, etc. Not Kama Sutra starting at 7 and 11. Yikes.