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Very good idea. The rule could be that users have to post their planned submission as a comment to the first post. This way, everything is concentrated in one thread.


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Replying /v/pizzagate/1878826/9225341 here, as this thread is on topic.

Earlier comment by @Vindicator:

@anonOpenPress: Thank you for consolidating this into a single thread and raising awareness about the problem of duplicate posting. I have been trying to flair good non-Seth threads that are being buried. Please ping me to any you notice.

Just a bit of insight: Mods are discouraged from curating content -- the Voat-wide standard is that users are expected to downvote poor quality, redundant or otherwise inferior posts. I'm not sure why that doesn't happen in v/pizzagate as efficiently as it does elsewhere -- perhaps users have grown too dependent on mod removals?

In any case, to start removing duplicates, we would need to embark on a community-wide rule revision, which we've only had a few requests for. Were there a clamor for it, we could make a sticky so folks can vote on proposed changes. A few have asked for this in v/pizzagatemods, but not many. Anyone who wants this should comment and upvote that thread, so we can show community support for changing the rules.

My reply:

I'm one of the few who already upvoated this, hope others will too. Unfortunately, the voting system won't help us at all (several reasons). Maybe flairing will help on that, maybe not.

About mod removals, that's an interesting point of view you present there. Could be so... Could that be tested in a predefined week or so, mods informing they'll remove much less for a week and ask users to vote instead? If nothing happens, it might support the idea of starting to remove duplicates, as presented by OP.

ps. Six votes on this subverse is currently a lot. For more, link this into a sticky for a while.