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It was worse than that I believe.

There were reports floating around that there were video records and logs of 30,000 people who went “missing” during the Argentina “Dirty War”, where those 30k were sold off to elite people to be played with and killed.

Turns out that the Dutch princess Maxima’s father was the record keeper. He died last year, with one of his daughters following closely behind him.

The daughter found the videos and told some friends about it, ended up dead a week later. One of the people she told? Avicii.

Since then the house was raided twice. The first time was to grab all the videos stored in a garage, where they left the written logs behind. A raid occurred again where the logs disappeared.

More rumored details: https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/07/blind-items-revealed-37.html?m=1

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House of Orange a big player in the deep state. Founder of Bilderberg Prince Bernhard....a SMOM (Knights Templar) Bernhard is now dead but here look at this video RIP JFK...


So a Aristocrat (Royal) Nazi man in this video do the masonic gesture for all to see. He was also involved with tons of shady military contracts Lookheed Martin. And the founder of the WWF.....and of course his daughter is a pal with Marina Abramovich......


And of course they the Royal House of Orange have massive holdings in Royal Dutch Shell, and is connected with the Rothshilds.

Get the picture?

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Thats a small portion of the picture, not even the top of the pyramid.

The 3 sides of the pyramid were soros, rothschild, and Saudi royalty. The Saudis have pulled out.

The top being payseur.

But no one is paying attention to the Asian wealth, which is fighting back under the pseudonym white dragon.

it's an interesting silent war occurring in the background. The deaths involved are fascinating in how clever they hide their killings as accidental or suicides.

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Doesn't that look like Robin Wiliams on the right?

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Fuck did they just clean (royal) house and kill anyone that was even close to this thing?

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I didn’t know about him until after his death and found this video right away. I have friends who know his music, know he died, but had no idea about this video. People are fucking stupid.

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I knew his music, but not about this video. Holy shit.

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So, you're sayin you have bluepilled friends who already like Avicii's music but haven't seen this video?...


Do you even redpill? Up your game, son.

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I have. Found this a long time ago and I’ve shown friends. Denial is a powerful tool of the ignorant. If they don’t want to believe something bad enough they just roll their eyes and say ohh look another conspiracy theory.

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Please educate them. Just direct them to the comments underneath the video for a start.

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so they could end his life, but couldn't prevent a simple YT vid from being posted? retard

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I’m sure it’s all a coincidence. Go home.

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These pedos are being exposed. They will all have a day of reckoning.

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most definitely

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yes indeed this

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I saw this video. I have to say, it brought back anger. There is a predator in our own family and it just made me want to do something. I won't but at least now I have a better understanding of the harm that was done in our own family and covered up.

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ThanQ, fren.

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Yet another person to add to the list of people killed to cover up the pedo networks.

Avicii, Seth Rich, Monica Peterson, Andrew Brietbart, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, the list goes on.

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and the arkancide.com list....

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Brilliant video.

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Who produced the video? I would imagine it wasn't Avicii himself, so maybe it had nothing to do with him. I saw the documentary that was made about him, following him on tour etc, I can't imagine he would have bothered too much about the videos as he was so engrossed in the music production, though I may be wrong, but what I do know is that he was a very stressed young man that suffered with anxiety quite badly and had a severe alcohol problem. Anxiety can make you feel trapped, trapped people want to escape, alcohol makes you do stupid shit. Maybe it was just a suicide. Maybe the lead to follow is whomever made the video?

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Levan Tsikurishvili produced the video and the documentary.

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THAT, is who we should be looking at.

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Your username!

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Avicii directed the video, and he played the male vigilante. Go figure.


Although I agree that it might have been a suicide.

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