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I can't wait for those names to be released. We need to adopt the habit of stiffer sentences. 146 years is a good start. This reminds me of Operation Cathedral.

Public positions of trust. Disgusting how they throw away what others envy while they are committing perverted acts with Our Children.

Operation Cathedral was a police operation that broke up an international child pornography ring called The Wonderland Club operating over the Internet. It was led by the British National Crime Squad in cooperation with 13 other police forces around the globe, who arrested 107 suspects across 12 countries on 1 September 1998. Seven UK-based men were convicted for their part in the ring in 2001.


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“146 years is a good start.”

So is hanging.

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I always thought that tossing them into a volcano had a nice twist.

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Yeah I agree. But imagine that ever happening. That's what we have all been pushing for and working so hard for on here. The harshest punishment for these perverted monsters. Prayers that this soon will happen. Imo it won't be soon enough. +++

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Remember the big Swedish bust right after this board started? Remember how all the major media wiped their articles about it?

Times have changed.

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Yes, I remember. I also remembered the head of Interpol was recently missing. Well here is an article saying he has been found in China. He is in jail. Possibly they are heading off being included in this probe? Idk, its just pretty strange. And he resigned.


Panic over. The head of Interpol, Meng Hongwei, has been found. He’s in a Chinese jail being investigated by the country’s anti-corruption body. His crimes are “unspecified”.

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I sure hope so. The times they are a changin. Time for new reporters who report the truth.

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Maybe OT, but the most harrowing thing I saw this weekend. Glad it’s now out in the open.

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The identities of the others arrested are yet to be released, but some are residing in the US and held public positions of trust, said Eric McLoughlin, the HSI's regional attache in Bangkok.

The most important part.

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The most important part usually washes over most people's heads. Thanks for pointing it out. And don't hold your breath waiting for those names to be released....especially by the BBC. More breadcrumbs.

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The trail you're looking for starts with Bronfmans, C(handler), Hanks, Red Doors, etc.

An avalanche will fall upon us soon. Might want to fasten that seat belt.