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The British police shouldn't be exonerated. They are rife with Freemasons. That is where their allegiance lies. They could care less if children are violated. They are working towards a NWO and SRA is the new norm.

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Regarding the police being run by Freemasons, I remember watching the testimony of whistleblower John Wedger, who tried to tell what he knew to a female senior officer, "because she wouldn't roll up the trouser leg". It did no good, though, and the police tried to ruin him.


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That's exactly what I'm talking about.

All the good officers got thrown out or harassed out because they weren't playing on the Baphomet team.

I'm so infuriated. I can't wait until these swamp creatures are drained out of all positions of power.

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It's all over the place. Police have been bought for decades/centuries. They are beholding to whoever is in office. In the early 1900s they threw people in jail without keeping records and threw bombs into crowds of people that got blamed for it. They have uniforms now that really speak to whom they really are. They are not dressed to help the people. They also have small army tanks in big cities. Yeah, they have been freemasons right from the start. We have researched LAPDs badges. Boy love logo. @Podge512

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Well, it makes perfect sense to police themselves. This way they can skate out of anything. Just cover it up or blame it on some poor slob.

When are they going to make people takes oaths of loyalty and have consequences when they lie? Ask if they're members of secret societies and if the U.S. law and Constitution come first. Have lying carry a ten-year prison sentence. That should be a deterrent as would making it a federal crime.

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the police, being members of the same gang, would be only too glad to comply.

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To be sure, another factor in the police's inaction is the fact that the child rape gangs were trafficking their victims to members of the police and local councils.

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the child rape gangs were emulating what they saw the "authorities" doing. If the pigs and politicunts hadn't been doing it the ragheads wouldn't have been going at it systematically.

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The UK government under any PM resists inquiries into child sex abuse.

'member Jimmie Savile?

This isn't about party, partisanfag.

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How does naming the government of the day make me partisan? And how does engaging in a fallacy of relative privation excuse the actions of that government?

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If you want to take Gordon Brown to task for his role, by all means. But mind your implications.

"the British Labour Party therefore believes that children can consent to have sex" implies the Labour party is somehow unique in this regard.

The whole system, from the Crown down, is complicit.

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Gordon Brown was very involved with McCann disappearence

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Very much so! He pressured Portuguese authorities to remove Dr. Goncalo Amaral as coordinating detective and to release the ridiculous 'Eggman' sketch based on Jane Tanner's highly dubious sighting.

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Show me one actual child, please. I'm sure you can, I just haven't seen it. I've seen lots of admitted teen prostitutes and delinquents though. I mean the number "1,000,000 little girls" is thrown around a lot

Imagine actually believing one million little white girls, 1/5, have been abducted, raped, etc.

Your entire post rests on this intentional mangling of a quote and inserting your false premise before it:

as the child victims "...have made an informed choice about their sexual behaviour

Lol have you ever been to the UK?? This feels like white coping: do our 14yo girls really value their sexuality so little as to fuck sand niggers for loose cigarettes and candy?

Impossible, it's Muslim mind-control techniques taught by the Cabal! XDDDD

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What false premise is that?